Rumbleverse Season 1: Release Date, Battle Pass, More | Everything You Need To Know

Rumbleverse, the Wrestling-inspired take on the Battle Royale genre, is finally out. Has Epic Games landed another hit after Fortnite? How can you play Rumbleverse and what is in it? Find out here.

Rumbleverse season 1 release date battle pass
Rumbleverse Season 1 is coming soon, here are all details about it. | © Epic Games

Do you remember Rumbleverse? The new Battle Royale outing by Epic Games, which focuses on melee combat and wrestling moves, was announced a while ago and was already supposed to be here. After some delays, Rumbleverse finally came out on August 11. We will show you everything the game has to offer right now and also have a look towards Rumbleverse season 1.

Rumbleverse Season 1 – Everything We Know

Rumbleverse works in a similar way to other battle royale games: 40 players are dropped into a map (here it has the great name Grapital City), the last person standing wins. But the special twist is that you don't have guns, the fights are carried out in melee only. The game is available now for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. You have one week to play the game and get used to it, before the start of season 1.

Release Date

Rumbleverse Season 1 starts on August 18, at 7 AM PDT / 9 AM CST / 4 PM CEST. Unfortunately, there won't be any kind of pre-load and details on update size haven't been revealed yet. Let's hope there won't be too many server issues...

Battle Pass

Rumbleverse gameplay
Rumbleverse season 1 will introduce a battle pass to the game. | © Epic Games

Rumbleverse is free to play, so it obviously has a battle pass. The developers haven't announced yet, what will be in it, though. We expect a version of the usual fare: skins, icons, banners and other cosmetics.

However, we do know how much it will cost. You will have to pay 1000 Brawlla Bills, which is the game's premium currency. This translates to roughly $9.99. You can also buy a more expensive version for 2400 Brawlla Bills ($19.99), which includes 20 tier skips.

Check out our initial reaction to the reveal of Rumbleverse:


Three modes are currently available in Rumbleverse, Solo, Duos and Playground. Solo features standard Battle Royale gameplay, you versus 39 other bozos. Duos pits you with a friend or random player, and together, you fight for survival in Grapital City. In this mode, you have fewer stat slots and less health than in solo rounds. If your friend gets eliminated, you are compensated with more health and slots.

Playground is a whole different deal from the other modes. This is a free roam mode, where you can explore Grapital City. You can find so-called training modules all across the city, which feature tutorial missions and gameplay lessons. You can explore the city either on your own or with a friend. The cool thing with that is, that you and your friend can fight each other here. This is the perfect way to practice the gameplay in Rumbleverse while also having some free form fun with your buddies.