Leak: Another PS5 Exclusive Is Coming to PC

Sackboy: A Big Adventure seems to be coming to PC. Here's what we know.
Sackboy pc
Couldn't give the game in the picture, now, could I? | © Sony

Sackboy. I never understood, and I still don't understand: In this day and age, why would you call a game Sackboy? Especially a game made for children, who love to butcher names and snicker about the word sack as it is. Hell, I snicker at that word...

Anyway, you guessed it: Sackboy is coming to PC. Say that sentence 5 times out loud in public. Sackboy is joining the God of War, the girl with the red hair, and Jin Sakai as the next big-time, former Sony exclusive to open up the relationship. Mind you that, at this point, this is all just a leak that was first spotted on Reddit

Sackboy Coming to PC

The Reddit leak comes courtesy of a SteamDB listing, so that gives it all the validity one could hopoe for. Notable is the fact that the SteamDB listing refers to the game as 'Steel PC', but fans have already deduced that that name does indeed refer to Sackboy. Because... of course steel is the codename for Sackboy... you can't make this stuff up.

So... have a pinch of salt at the ready, so you don't come for me, if this turns out to be wrong. Also, there's no release date yet, but if the SteamDB listing is already up, the game should come sooner than later.