Sons of the Forest: How To Get Virginia

In Sons of the Forest is Virginia a really big help, we show you how to get her.

Sons of forest virginia
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Sons of the Forest contains a variety of surprises, one of which is the appearance of Virginia, a mutant woman in a bathing suit with three arms and three legs. If players make the right choices, they may be able to befriend her and have her join as a companion. (She reminds us of the robot ladies from Atomic Heart.)

We created a guide to help players successfully befriend Virginia, also known as the Mutant Lady, in Sons of the Forest.

The Location Of Virginia

To make Virginia a companion in Sons of the Forest, it is important to refrain from attacking or harming her in any way. Virginia can be found early in the game, around Day 2, near the helicopter crash site. If players approach her with a weapon, she will raise her arms in defense and run away.

Even if players try to get closer to her, she will continue to flee.

It's important to note that Virginia is a mutant and may be mistaken as hostile. Attempting to attack her will result in her being wounded and fleeing.

Reviving her is possible, but it may affect her perception of the player later on.

If players end up killing Virginia, she will be permanently gone and cannot be recruited as a companion.

How To Befriend Virginia And Gain Her Trust

You can find Virginia at the helicopter crash site, which is her first encounter location in Sons of the Forest. However, she can also appear on the beach.

We found and recruited her at the latter location, which is close to a green marker, the cave with the Rope Gun/Cross, and the pond with the Stun Baton.

Interestingly, this area is featured in a promotional image that showcases Virginia.

  • To begin befriending Virginia in Sons of the Forest, you should first choose a location where she spawns and build a tent using one Tarp and one Stick. This tent will serve as your save point and rest area throughout the process, which can take several in-game days. Make sure you have enough food and water to last you this time.
  • When you see Virginia, avoid approaching her and simply let her stare at you until she leaves. Then, save and sleep in your tent. After a couple of in-game days, she may start to walk closer to you and dance around, indicating that she is becoming more comfortable with your presence. However, do not go to her. Instead, move away, save, and sleep.
  • If you continue this process correctly, Virginia will eventually offer you some blueberries, and you will see a button prompt to interact with her. This signifies that she now trusts you and is ready to become your companion in Sons of the Forest.
  • (According to some players online) Giving a gift should also work.

Virginia As A Companion

Virginia doesn't have the same level of interactivity as Kelvin, and you can't give her orders directly. However, she will generally follow you around. Additionally, she can take out enemies if you give her a Pistol.

To make it easier to keep track of Virginia's location, you can give her a GPS Tracker, which also rewards you with the "Every Move You Make" achievement. This is recommended, as Virginia can't enter caves or maintenance rooms and may wander off if left idle.

Finally, Virginia can wear certain outfits, including a Summer Dress that can be found in the VIP Keycard area.

Equipping Virginia with guns or tools can be a helpful strategy in fending off cannibals, she doesn’t use any ammo while wielding firearms, which means you can hand her an empty weapon that she can make use.


After successfully recruiting Virginia in Sons of the Forest, players can dress her up in different outfits they find throughout the game. These outfits can be equipped by interacting with Virginia and selecting the desired set of clothes from the inventory menu, just like equipping a weapon. Unfortunately, players can't equip Virginia with any Sons of the Forest armor.

There are currently two outfits available for Virginia in Sons of the Forest: the Dress and the Camo Suit.

  1. The Dress can be found in the Food and Dining bunker, behind a locked door that requires the maintenance key to open. Once players have the VIP keycard, they can access the large double doors at the top of the stairs, where they will find the Dress on the couch to the right of the lobby.
  2. On the other hand, the Camo Suit is easier to acquire and can be found in a kayak abandoned on the shoreline in the northwest of the map, past the deserted camp that features a sunburnt corpse mounted on a stretcher.

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