Sons of the Forest: How To Get The Zipline Rope Gun

If you are looking for a useful weapon in Sons of the Forest, then we have found the right one for you! The Rope Gun!

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How to get the Rope Gun. | © Endnight Games

In Sons of the Forest, the Zipline Rope Gun is a piece of vital equipment, since it is a requirement for acquiring the Shovel, a crucial tool for ensuring your survival and success on the island.

However, obtaining the Rope Gun is no simple task as it is concealed in a cave infested with Cannibals. If you believe you have the capability to obtain it, we've compiled everything you need to know about locating the Rope Gun in Sons of the Forest.

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The Location Of The Zipline Rope Gun

To obtain the Rope Gun, you should head to the Cave located on the western side of the island, between the ocean and snowy mountain. You can find the entrance slightly southeast of the pulsing green point of interest on your mini-map.

As you approach the cave, you'll see three spiked humans by the entrance, indicating that you're in the right place. Keep in mind that the cave is dangerous, and you'll face multiple waves of Cannibals, including Baby Cannibals, along the way.

To prepare for this, it's advisable to bring plenty of food and Meds, a Flashlight or Torch, and a powerful weapon such as the Stun Baton or a Gun. Alternatively, switching the game to Peaceful Mode will remove all enemies.

Once you're ready, enter the cave and proceed forward until you reach a large open area. Head to your left and approach the fallen worker. From there, continue following the wall as it goes deeper into the cave system. After a short while, you'll come across a large blob-like creature stuck between a gap in the wall. To clear a way forward, pick up the Time Bombs that are next to the worker beside the creature.

Equip the Time Bombs and throw them at the creature
. Afterward, continue forward, and you'll find yourself in a more open space. Upon entering the area, you'll see a message with the subject "More Lighting" beside a fallen worker to your right. Additionally, you'll find a rope and other helpful supplies nearby. Once you've collected the letter, keep moving forward until you reach the very end. The area is considerably long, so just keep going straight, and you'll be on the right path.

As you pass through the narrow corridor filled with hanging bodies, you'll need to climb a small ramp. Once you reach the flat spot at the top, round the corner and pass by the small pile of stalagmites to your right. Make sure to take the path to your left when passing by the small pile of stalagmites - if you continue forward, you'll only come across a newspaper clipping and some resources.

Follow the left path until you reach the end - it's a long way, but just keep heading straight. Finally, you'll arrive at the Rope Gun, which is stored inside a black crate along with some slug ammo. Grab the Rope Gun and use it to zipline down to the ground. From here, continue along the path ahead until you reach the exit of the cave.

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