Sony State of Play Coming in First Week of June

Sony is trying to steal the show, by holding their event in the first week of June, just before Xbox and Bethesda are taking the stage.

March State of Play
What you got cooking, Sony? | © Sony

Anything you can do, I can do better? Bethesda and Xbox are having themselves a nice event on June 12, and now Sony announced that they're havin themselves an even nicer event, earlier than Xbox and Bethesda. Sony is really being that annoying brother, trying to outdo you. Or they just took classes from Kanye (get it? because Kanye drops albums on the same day as other people...).

Sony State of Play in June

At this point it's just a rumor, but it is a classic Art of War tactic, so I'd assume that Sony is really planning on pulling this off. In any case, the leak was first reported by Jeff Grubb at the 21-Minute mark of his podcast right here:

I'm also hearing from multiple people that Sony will actually have a show the first week of June. I can't confirm that but I'm hearing from a bunch of different people, but maybe that's just scuttlebutt.

Evidently, Jeff Grubb is not exactly 100% certain, so take all of this with the necessary pinches of salt. Still, as I said, it would make a lot of sense. Not just to compete with Xbox and piss on their parade, but also because Sony has a lot of huge games coming up that we're expecting news on.

Bluepoint still has an announced game that we don't know anything about. Naughty Dog is working on several projects that we're dying to hear about. The new God of War still hasn't been fully revealed, and Final Fantasy 16 is releasing soon, with no footage revealed yet - there is plenty of fodder for Sony to make this State of Play more than worthwile.