Sony To Buy Square Enix

A reliable leaker has revealed, that Sony could be buying famous publisher Square Enix. All details here.
Sony Buying Square
Will Sony buy Square Enix? | © Sony/Square Enix

Big companies are being acquired by bigger companies, that's the world we live in right now. Microsoft buys Activision, Sony buys Bungie, Embracer buys Crystal Dynamics and Eidos. And the last two examples will become relevant again. The time of acquisitions is obviously not over and the newest rumor is here: Sony might be buying Square Enix.

Sony Could Buy Square Enix According to Leaker

In the past weeks, reporters, leakers and journalists in the video game sphere have speculated that Sony are making a big acquisition and buying up a video game company. One of the leading theories was that Sony would buy Konami, the publisher of Metal Gear Solid or PES. But it now came out that the rumor was about Sony buying Square Enix.

Famous and reliable leaker and reporter Jeff Grubb revealed this on his Twitter feed. Big acquisitions are serious business, so concrete things rarely get leaked about them. But Grubb has apparently heard something about Sony buying Square Enix, which could be happening soon.

The Grubbster is very reliable, but as you can see, he is very hesitant about this. There are no guarantees that it will happen, even though it seems likely. And like I said, acquisitions are big, complicated and business-y so anything can happen until the last minute. It seems like the recent sale of their most prominent western studios positioned Square Enix for a sale though, so Sony could get in and acquire the company behind Final Fantasy.

I do believe that Square Enix is trying to best position itself for acquisition. But that doesn't mean anything. These deals can fall through or get completely flipped on their head. That happens all the time.

We will see in the coming weeks and months if it will become reality. As soon as we know more about this story, we will keep you updated.