[UPDATE] Sony Buys Konami

The war between Sony and Microsoft continues. Sony have reportedly bought out Konami and will be making an announcement about it very soon.

[Update April 1st, 2022]

The Leaker Gavin Stevens deleted his post after a few hours because he experienced huge abuse on the platform Twitter.

He clarifies that he normally does not delete tweets, even if they're wrong at the end. But this time, he reached a point where he was forced to do so. People sent him pictures of dead children and sent him death threats. He had talked with his friends about the topic and wrote down these thoughts. He now wants to take a few days of a social media break. Here you can read his whole Twitter thread about his reasons and the original post.

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At what point will Sony and Microsoft agree to some kind of peace treaty? If the current madness continues much longer, the whole industry will effectively be divided in two. And my wallet can't handle needing a pair of new consoles every generation.

After Microsoft bought Activision, Sony responded by buying Bungie, and now in another blockbuster move, it looks like Sony are picking up Konami too. For those who need a quick refresher, Konami have worked on exclusive franchises for PlayStation in the past, but they've always been their own legal entity.

Sony Reportedly Acquiring Konami

According to industry-insider Gavin Stevens, Sony have acquired Konami in some form, and an announcement is to be expected very soon. Here's what he had to say to his Twitter followers:

It's obviously huge news, but it also shouldn't be surprising to anyone. With the recent reveal of Sony's answer to Game Pass, the first thing we all wondered was how they planned to compete with the massive Xbox library. Well, buying studios to work on exclusives for you is the obvious answer.

Will it be enough to stand up to the likes of Halo and now Call of Duty? Not to mention the upcoming Fable game. We doubt it, but only time will tell.

We will, of course, update you as soon as we get the official announcement.