Leak: 2K Is Working On Lego Games With Ex-Sony Developers

One outlet is reporting, that 2K Games is working on Lego sports titles. The leak also claims that a studio who used to make a beloved Sony franchise is going to be involved.

Leak 2 K Is Working On Lego Games With Ex Sony Developers
Expect to see Batman balling out soon... | © 2K/Lego

I'm not sure if every one is aware, but Take-Two is secretly one of the biggest players in gaming. They can do anything: they can do GTA, they can do Bioshock, they can do 2K sports games and so much more, we would still be here tomorrow if I continued listing off things. Now, they want to take the brilliant 2K brand and combine it with an even bigger one... Lego. Yes, apparently 2K is working on Lego sports games. This is gonna be crazy...

This story was broken by our colleagues over at VGC, and it sounds absolutely incredible. They claim that according to their sources, 2K Games signed "a new multi-game partnership with Lego" to develop a number of sports games under the Lego banner. And it continues to sound crazier: the first title is supposed to be a football game (soccer for our US buddies), developed by Sumo Digital, who used to co-develop the Little Big Planet games for Sony some years ago.

The report further details the first games coming out of this partnership:

The football title should release later this year to coincide with the FIFA World Cup, followed by the racing game in 2023. A third Lego sports title is also in development, based on a major sports franchise, sources said.

One person with knowledge of 2K’s plans suggested that the Lego sports games could include guest characters from some of the toy brand’s popular cross-over licences, such as Marvel, Harry Potter and DC.

For those of you not in the know, the World Cup is starting in November and going till December, so we expect a release date for this 2K Lego soccer game around late October to early November. And we might have a metaverse situation on our hands as well, which, and I'm sorry for repeating myself, just sounds absolutely bonkers! 2K Lego soccer game... just let that simmer for a bit. So good...