Meet The New GTA: GTA 1991

GTA 1991 is easily the most ambitious, and detailed GTA mod ever. Here's what you need to know about this GTA San Andreas prequel.

Gta 1991 game
Time to revisit the past. | © GTA 1991, Rockstar

Ok, so this one is huge. You remember Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories? This one is bigger than that: GTA 1991 is a whole new game set in 90s Los Santos, with a whole new protagonist, new voice-acting, new cutscenes, new everything. In fact, if you called this one a prequel to GTA San Andreas, you'd be right on the money.

What Is GTA 1991?

GTA 1991 is not an official Rockstar game, but it's arguably the most detailed GTA mod around. Other mods, like GTA 5's Batman mod, work some serious magic, but to have new voice-acting, new cutscenes, and a new story around a new set of characters? That's special.

In GTA 1991, you control Little Devil, a character that was name-dropped to have died by the time GTA San Andreas takes place in 1992. The story revolves around plotting revenge against a rival gang, who killed your cousin. This story runs over roughly 12 missions, with over 10 hours of playtime. Outside of all the new content I mentioned above, we also get new weapons, vehicles, interiors, and even properties. Also, GTA 1991 takes a more realistic - and sober - approach to the hood, and you can actually sell drugs in the game, as well as own crack houses, grow contacts, and fight over street corners. Yes, you're interpreting that right: There's a whole drug-dealing simulation being worked into the game. Again: This is a whole new game, not just a mere mod.

A demo, with GTA 1991's first chapter, is set to drop on February 26. The mod will fully release some time later this year, and all you need to play it, is the base GTA San Andreas.

As you can undoubtedly tell, a lot of work went into this mod, and in an interview with GamesRadar, the creator goes into much more detail of what GTA 1991 is all about, and how it came to be. You can read the interview here.

Of course, one question comes to mind immediately: Will Rockstar actually let this fly? What's stopping them from taking down this mod? Actually, nothing stops them from doing it, but considering the backlash they got for their GTA Trilogy Remasters, it's safe to assume that they want to stay in their fans' good graces, and might just let this one slip.