New South Park Game Confirmed

THQ Nordic revealed that they're planning to release a new South Park game - here's everything we know about it.

South park game thq nordic
Aaaand they're back again... | © South Park

THQ Nordic revealed that they're working on a bunch of games, and some of them are quite something: Alone in the Dark will get a revival, and Wreckreation looks to speak to all car lovers, and those who miss the Burnout series. The highlight, though, is easily the upcoming South Park game they revealed with a sneaky tease at the end of the showcase, which you can watch in full here:

At the end of the showcase, the South Park Digital Studios logo pops up and Randy Marsh can be heard saying: "Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot... Oh, it's coming."

New South Park Game From THQ Nordic

That's as much evidence as we need, to know that we are in for a new South Park game, and if you're not familiar with the quote - it's from the episode where Randy does the world's largest poo. Is that maybe foreshadowing what title we can expect from the next South Park game?

Interestingly, we also know that developer Question Games is also currently working on a South Park game - which was announced last year - so for all we know, this could mean there are two South Park games coming our way. Only time will tell, but... oh, it's coming.