Is Splinter Cell Remake Coming To PC?

Ubisoft Toronto has announced the Splinter Cell Remake. That's right, we are getting a remastered version of the original game. But what is different between the original version of Splinter Cell and the remake? Let's find out.

Splinter Cell Remake
Ubisoft Toronto has confirmed that the Splinter Cell Remake is in development | © Ubisoft Toronto

Eight years have passed since Ubisoft released a Splinter Cell game, and fans have been clamoring for more, which isn’t surprising considering that Sam Fisher is an iconic character that gamers have known for twenty years.

Ubisoft has heard the requests of gamers by announcing the Splinter Cell Remake for 2023-24, with the Toronto division of Ubisoft leading the way for this remake. Unfortunately, few details have been revealed about this upcoming first-person shooter. But don’t worry, we’ve managed to locate some reliable information.

Ubisoft Toronto has promised to honor & respect the original Splinter Cell, as they’ve confirmed that linear gameplay levels will be incorporated throughout the remake. Therefore, gameplay and exploration should remain similar to the original.

Regarding differences between the original & remake, we can expect improved graphics from the Snow Drop Engine. This is the same engine powering the upcoming Avatar – Frontiers of Pandora.

The next-generation version of Splinter Cell will allow Ubisoft to relaunch this franchise for the younger generation. However, nobody can predict how the younger generation will support Splinter Cell. We recommend that Ubisoft Toronto consider a multiplayer component to the remake, or potentially a battle-royale mode. But the chances of this happening are small if Ubisoft Toronto is to honor & respect the original Splinter Cell.

When Is Splinter Cell Remake Coming To The PC?

Ubisoft Toronto hasn’t identified the official release date for their upcoming remake of Splinter Cell. Despite that, it’s guaranteed that Ubisoft will launch this FPS onto next-generation consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and PS5. But those consoles won’t perform nearly to the level of PCs with high-performing GPUs like the Nvidia GTX GeForce 3000 Series.

As always, EarlyGame will update you when there’s an announcement on the release date. Make sure to check back with us, and if you need some extra information on Splinter Cell, we’ve got an in-depth analysis of the game. Just look right here!

Which PC Features Will Splinter Cell Remake Have?

Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell
Sam Fisher has returned in the Splinter Cell Remake | © Ubisoft Toronto

Since Ubisoft Toronto hasn’t announced an official release date for the Splinter Cell Remake, we cannot accurately describe which PC features will be introduced throughout this FPS. But our knowledge of next-generation games allows us to predict which features will be available. However, our predictions are speculative.

Next-generation hardware for gaming computers allows players to implement the following features with nearly every game, and the Splinter Cell Remake shouldn’t be any different. We’ll have access to features like:

  • Ray-Tracing Lighting
  • Steam Cloud Saves
  • Xbox Cloud Saves
  • 120FPS

This is advantageous for anyone who utilizes an Xbox, PC, or Steam Deck. Why might you ask? Save files can be transferred between multiple devices when using the cloud. This means PC saves can convert over to Xbox saves and vice versa for the Steam Deck. But you should know there could be issues with synchronizing these save files. Be warned.

Is Splinter Cell Remake Coming To The Steam Deck?

Stealth in Splinter Cell
How much stealth gameplay will be in the Splinter Cell Remake? Probably plenty. | © Ubisoft Toronto

We’re confident that the Splinter Cell Remake will be playable and available on the Steam Deck. However, downloading and installing Ubisoft Connect will be needed. This is the PC platform that Ubisoft operates for their upcoming games. But how do you install Ubisoft Connect onto your Steam Deck? Let’s find out.

  • Select Desktop Mode on the Steam Deck.
  • Download Ubisoft Connect via the website.
  • Add a Non-Steam Game to your download folder.
  • Select the Steam Library, click properties, and then compatibility.
  • Choose to activate the Proton 7 or Proton Experimental program.
  • Begin the installation process and return to the properties.
  • Change the target location of Ubisoft Connect to your homepage.

It’s noted that this process could change unexpectedly, as the Steam Deck has experienced minor issues when changing the target location.

Game Trailer

Ubisoft Toronto hasn’t posted an official trailer for the Splinter Cell Remake. However, they have posted a development video that provides insight into what we can expect. But don’t expect anything too informative, as Ubisoft Toronto has kept their cards close.

The developers discuss more the history of Splinter Cell than the upcoming remake. However, that isn’t a bad thing because you can tell that Ubisoft Toronto wants to recreate Splinter Cell at the level everyone would expect. Therefore, we can expect dynamic lighting and shadows to be improved tenfold. The development video below shows you the focus on dynamic lighting, as seen below.

Game System Requirements

The Splinter Cell Remake won’t release for another two or three years. Therefore, we cannot accurately describe what GPUs and CPUs will be needed to operate the Splinter Cell Remake at its highest quality possible. However, once that information is made available, we will update you accordingly.