Stardew Valley Creator Working on New Game: Announcing Soon

Stardew valley creator new game eric barone
No Place for Bravery is a recent pixel top-down suprise hit. Maybe it's inspiration for Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone? | © No Place for Bravery

Stardew Valley creator Eric Barone revealed that he is working on a new game, which he will announce soon and which is the reason that Stardew Valley is not getting as many updates.

Eric Barone, the man, the myth, the legend behind Stardew Valley, is working on a new game. He revealed as much while talking to Zach Hartman on Twitch. The new game is the reason why he is currently not working on Stardew Valley, or rather not updating the game as much, saying: "I'm not saying there's going to be another Stardew Valley update, I don't even know at this point. Right now, I am focused on my next game. So, we'll see."

New Game By Stardew Valley Creator: What We Know

Well, for one, we know that it is not Stardew Valley 2. It is not a sequel, and it is not a farming game, but it will be similar in looks to Stardew Valley:

I may announce it fairly soon, what it is - no-one knows at this point. What I will say is that it's another pixel art game, a top-down perspective similar to Stardew Valley. In some ways, it is kind of similar to Stardew Valley, but it's also not a farming game. It's something different.

Announcement coming soon, more top-down pixel-goodness... I mean, what else could you possibly want, right? Considering how good Stardew Valley is and how Eric Barone single-handedly crafted and kept supporting this game, it is hard not to root for the man. If I hear anybody b*tching about this not being a Stardew Valley sequel or about Eric toning down the Stardew Valley updates, then I'll certifiably flip. This man, Eric Barone, is a national treasure and I can't wait to see what his next game will be.

Now... let's touch on that last part again: What his new game could be? The options are limitless, but if it's not farming, it's hard not to think it will focus more on the action. While that's not a bad thing, I'm hoping that it will be something new and innovative – maybe a whole new simulation game, the kind of which we've never seen before? I'd love that, though I am not feeling particularly creative enough to further speculate what that could be or look like.

Whatever the game is, true Stardew Valley faithfuls will follow Eric into this new adventure. Now that he broke the news, I'm sure we can take his word for it and that he will truly reveal more information soon. Why? Because everything else would be cruel and, also, why else would he suddenly drop this, when nobody was waiting for it?

We're gonna stay tuned, I'm gonna stay hyped, and you gotta get back to farming, farmer.

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