Starfield Almagest Guide: How To Get The Jackpot

The Almagest in Starfield is one of the Sci-Fi RPGs coolest locations. And you can make some good cash here, especially due to the jackpot on board of the floating Casino. See here how you can get the jackpot.

Starfield Almagest
Starfield Almagest jackpot guide: Here's how to make big money in the floating casino. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

Of the many random encounters in Starfield, finding the Almagest must be among the coolest. This floating space station is a Zero-G casino, which is crawling with Spacers. And yes, this is as cool as it sounds.

What is also cool, is having lots of money. And the Almagest is perfect for filling out your pockets. It’s a casino after all, so there’s a jackpot you can call yours as well. But it’s quite well hidden.

Starfield: How To Get The Almagest Jackpot

You will find the Almagest floating above the planet Nesoi in the Olympus star system. Olympus is not far away from Alpha Centauri, here is its location on the map:

Starfield Olympus Map
Here's where you find the Almagest in Starfield. | © Bethesda

Hail and dock to board the ship. There is no gravity on the Almagest and there are a few level 8 Spacers lurking around, as well as a level 22 boss. If you’re strong enough, the following shootouts shouldn’t be too difficult, though.

Starfield Jackpot Computer
This computer contains the jackpot numbers. | © Bethesda

To crack the jackpot, you’ll need the right numbers. And you’ll find these in a small office area, located above the bar. You’ll have to float around to find the open door on the side of the room.

There, you’ll see a bunch of safes which you can crack open (if your Security skill is high enough) and the Manager’s Computer. Access the computer to find the winning numbers, which are 12, 19, 36 and 5.

Now you’ll need to find the jackpot backend. Turn left while facing the main bar and go to the end of the furthest room to find a small ventilation shaft in the corner. Make your way through here to find some contraband and another computer. Access the computer, put the jackpot numbers in, and voilà: You get a whopping 3600 credits for doing very little work. Neat!