Starfield Bounty Hunt Missions: How & Where To Accept Them

Taking on bounty hunt missions in Starfield will not only give you that action-packed adrenaline boost you were looking for, but also a ton of Credits. If this type of mission has grabbed your interest, then I'm sure you'll stick around to find out how and where you can take on bounty hunt missions.

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Bounty hunting in Starfield can be pretty rewarding if you accept the challenge! | © Bethesda

Bounty hunting can be dangerous work, but the money and experience that you gain at the end of these missions are worth it. If your character in Starfield is the type of person that doesn't ask too many questions and doesn't care what they have to do, as long as they get their money at the end of it, then bounty hunting is probably a good choice for you.

Just because you didn't pick the bounty hunter background during Starfield's character creation, doesn't mean you can't become a bounty hunter. Trust me, anyone can be a bounty hunter these days, as long as you're in the right place at the right time, and you get the job done.

Where's the right place to be, you might ask. Here, we'll show you where and how you can accept bounty hunt missions in Starfield.

Starfield: How To Take On Missions

No matter what background you picked, every good bounty hunter will have to start in the same place: the missions board. There are multiple mission boards located all across the galaxy, but we'll get to those locations later.

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Some bounty hunt missions will have you terminate specific targets. | © Bethesda

The first missions board you'll probably encounter is in Constellation headquarters. All you have to do once you've found one is to go up and interact with it.

Upon interacting with it, you'll see a list of mission names and rewards put next to them. Before you take on a mission, you can hover over the mission's name to find out more about the details of the missions.

There are different types of bounty hunt missions you can take on:

  • Destroying a spaceship
  • Delivering an item or a person to a drop-off point
  • Taking out a target
  • Surveying planets
  • Smuggle or steal items
  • Sabotage, plant evidence or hack rival businesses for Ryujin
  • Hunt hostiles in an area
  • Rescue hostages from a ship

After you've completed the mission, you'll receive your reward and can take on new missions! You don't have to wait to complete a mission before taking on another one, though. If you want, you can take on multiple bounty missions at once.

Starfield: Where You Can Find Mission Boards

There are many mission boards splattered all across the Settled Systems, and it's worth checking out each and every one of them! Each mission board has different missions available, while some missions are offered on every board, others might only be available on a specific board.

For the most part it seems as though you can find a mission board in each major settlement and also mission boards in major faction bases with special extra missions that belong to different factions.

Keep in mind that it might be worth waiting a while before taking on bounty hunt missions, since they can be a bit tougher than regular missions.


Pretty much the first mission board you can encounter in the game can be found in the Constellation's headquarters. Head to The Lodge and go downstairs to the basement. You'll be able to find it where all the workbenches are as well.

New Atlantis

Another mission board you'll be able to access early on in the game is located in New Atlantis, in the Viewport Bar to be exact. You can find the bar to the left of the security checkpoint of New Atlantis' spaceport.

New Atlantis Travel System
While you're already in New Atlantis, check out their cool public transport system! | © Bethesda

United Colonies

The United Colonies mission board can be found if you join the United Colonies Vanguard, which is the only way you can join the UC faction. Throughout the faction's storyline, you'll come across the control room of the UC Vigilance spaceship, which is where the UC mission board can be found.

Freestar Rangers

You'll have to look a bit closer in order to find the Freestar Ranger's mission board. If you want to find it, you'll have to go to The Rock in Akila City.

This board is a bit hidden, but you'll definitely come across it at some point during the Freestar Ranger's faction storyline, which you'll have to do if you want to use this mission board, as it can only be used by faction members.

Crimson Fleet

To find the Crimson Fleet's mission board, you'll have to go to The Key, which is located in the Kryx System and go to the Reckoner's Core. As is the case with other faction's mission boards, you have to be a member of the Crimson Fleet if you want to use their mission board.

However, should you decide to side with the UC Vanguard during your faction quests involving the Crimson Fleet, you will not be able to use the Crimson Fleet's mission board anymore.

Akila City

Besides the Freestar Ranger's board, there's another mission board in Akila City, which you can find in the Hitching Post Bar, which is close to your landing point in Akila City.

The good thing here is that there's also a Trade Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk, which can come in handy if you ever find yourself with a bounty on your head, instead of on someone else.


Neon's mission board can be found in the Astral Lounge. Just go all the way to the end of the Main Street in order to get there.


Just like in Akila City, there's also a Trade Alliance Self-Service Bounty Clearance kiosk right next to the mission board in Cydonia. You can find them in the Broken Spear, which is to your right after going through Cydonia's airlock.


Even smaller areas have mission boards! If you happen to find yourself in the Valo System, and you're looking for a mission board, you can head over to Polvo and land in Hopetown. Go into Hopetown's Pit Stop Bar to find the board to take on some more action packed missions!

Stroud-Eklund Shipyard

Even the Narion System has a mission board. Go to the Stroud-Eklund Shipyard and look for the mission board in their lobby.

Your Outpost

Now, if you don't like having to go to another city, just to take on another bounty mission, then here's some good news for you!

If you like, you can build up to two mission boards for your Outpost. In order to build one, you have to enter Build Mode first and then search for Mission Board under the Miscellaneous tab.

There are probably a bunch of other places that you can find bounty hunt mission boards in, but these are the ones we've found so far in Starfield!

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