Starfield Mantis Quest: Puzzle Solution

In Starfield's Mantis Quest you'll probably find two of the most useful rewards in the whole game! Let's take a look and solve the puzzle that stands between you and your legendary treasures!

Starfield Mantis Puzzle Solution
Starfield: We have the puzzle solution for the Mantis questline. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

Before you even think about handling the Mantis Quest in Starfield, be sure you're absolutely prepared. You're able to tackle the mission fairly early in the game, and the enemies and puzzles are quite tough.

But in the end the trouble is worth it, as you're able to get your hands on a legendary ship and a spacesuit. And with a little glitch in the game, you're able to re-roll the stats from the suit as well. How neat!

But first things first. Here is how you tackle the mission and the puzzle in particular!

Starfield Mantis Walkthrough: How To Start The Quest

In order to get your legendary reward, you need to learn from its existence in the first place! This is how you find it:

  • Pick up the "Secret Outpost!" note from a Spacer corpse, for example in the Nova Galactica Starstation
  • You'll learn about the secret base on Denebola I-B moon in the Denebola system, east from the Cheyenne star system
  • If you haven't been there before, you need to jump to Cheyenne then to the Groombridge system, and lastly you're able to reach the Denobla system
  • Make your way into the outpost, be wary of the enemies, and you'll eventually meet Livvey with some clues for the upcoming puzzle

And here is where things become interesting, with the little puzzle before us.

Mantis Puzzle Solution

Starfield Mantis Puzzle
Starfield: The puzzle is a tricky one with a hidden danger. | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

Once you get to the corridor Livvey mentioned, you'll find a hallway with letters on the floor. There are eight rows, each with seven letters. If you accidentally step on the wrong letters, automated turrets will shoot at you, so be careful!

If you listen closely to the notes you found along the way, you'll hear Leon complaining about his mom and the repetition of a Latin phrase. And that's all you need, as the key word is "TYRANNIS".

Now you only need to carefully pick the letters on the floor and keep moving forward. But be very, very mindful about that. You don't want to get to the end and being shot from one of the automated turrets!

And with that being handled, there stands nothing between you and your loot!

Starfield: Legendary Rewards

Starfield Ship And Mantis Suit
Starfield: Now the legendary reward is yours and yours alone! | © Bethesda/EarlyGame

After the puzzle and a small encounter with a bunch of level 20 robots, you'll finally reach the Batcave and claim the Mantis spacesuit and starship. But before you take any of this, hold on a moment and make a separate safe file! You might wonder why, but the answer is quite simple.

There is a little glitch for the Mantis suit in the game. Since its stats keep changing, you can simply reload your saved game if the current stats don't match your preferred build. And this way you found the legendary loot and can even re-roll unlimitedly the stats until you get the best possible outcome!

Now you can follow the marker and get to the Starship Lift Controls, to raise the ship above ground. Go outside and get in the Razorleaf ship and claim it as yours. Additionally, you'll also get 200 XP for completing the mission.

Sweet, sweet rewards!

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