This Game Is Metal Gear Solid Meets Devil May Cry

Stellar Blade, formerly known as Project Eve, looks better than ever. Here's the new trailer.

Stellar blade
Yeah, that's gonna be your third-person view throughout the game. | © Stellar Blade

Remember Project Eve from a State of Play a while back? Well, the game is back, looking better than ever, and it wants to be called by a new name: Project Eve is now Stellar Blade, and it's looking like it's gonna do the name justice: The visuals look more than stellar, and the swordplay... mh-mh-mmmmh... I'm getting the excited-sweats.

Stellar Blade Trailer

Ok, let's ignore the boob-jiggle physics for a moment and talk about the graphics: Goddamn. There. That's all we have to say about that, and I think we are all in unison. Story-wise, the trailer sets up an interesting ride: The old man from the beginning looks cool af, the whole 'city under the wasteland' thing is awesome, and the characters being called Adam and Eve has a kind of ring to it. I like it.

As far as the combat is concerned, Stellar Blade looks like it will have some of the better combat of this generation. With visuals looking like an animated movie, and all timed parrying, dodging, and slashing... Stellar Blade looks like it will be quite the action experience.

Story-wise, we also know a little more: Your mission is to rebuild the city, while you develop various relationships with residents. Though the goal of rebuilding is a certainty, whether or not you help the individual survivors along the way is up to you. I'm getting some morale-system vibes from this one, and I like it. Formerly announced as coming to Xbox and PC, Stellar Blade now seems to be a PS5 exclusive.