Mech Fans: This Is the Game You've Been Waiting For

Synduality is a mech-fan's dream come true. Here's the trailer and more.

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Mech fans everywhere are already hard. | © Synduality

This Sony State of Play was pulling out all the stops as far as Japanese IPs are concerned, and Bandai Namco joined in on the fun with an offering to the Mech gods: Synduality is all the mech-action you could ever want, dressed in the gameplay of NieR. What's not to like, right?

Synduality Reveal Trailer

Synduality is a third-person mech shooter with some seriously fluid gameplay, but... you don't need me to tell you that - you saw that in the trailer. What the trailer doesn't reveal is that the game was born out of the idea of what would happen once AI and humanity have to co-exist in the future. Well... the answer is a dystopian setting, so obviously it wasn't all roses, but the again: If the answer were "nothing would happen", we wouldn't have much of a game.

The game is set in 2222, and the rain has now become poisonous, causing creatures to wreck havoc. In order to save the planet, you have to come together with an AI partner and... destroy everything that stands in your way.

While none of the above sounds particularly exciting, the visuals certainly are, and so is this: Synduality will feature PvPvE. While playing online, other players will be trying to clear their mission and, in doing so, can get in the way of you clearing yours. That's all the sparse details we have, but a good PvPvE elements always adds excitement, and it's what has me colored curious about Synduality, which will release in 2023.