Stray Trophy List Revealed

All trophies for the upcoming cat adventure Stray have leaked. Here's a complete Stray trophy list for PS4 and PS5.

Stray All Trophies
Meowing 100 times is just one of the amazing trophies in Stray. | © Annapurna/Sony/EarlyGame

Stray is almost here, and we are very excited for it. Who wouldn't want to be a cute cat in a colorful Cyberpunk world?! The game looks very promising, and we can't wait to play it ourselves. This excitement is even greater now, as all trophies and achievements for Stray have leaked.

Here we have all trophies for Stray, ahead of its release on July 19. They look like a ton of fun. Our favorites involve scratching a vinyl, sleeping long enough and of course... meowing 100 times. Wonderful. Find a full list below.

All Trophies and Achievements for Stray

In total, you will be able to earn a total of 25 trophies in Stray. They are split in these categories: 1 Platinum, 7 Gold, 9 Silver & 8 Bronze. Here's a full list of all trophies in Stray:

Trophy NameTrophy DescriptionTrophy Type
Télé à chatBrowse through all of the TV channels.Bronze
Curiosity Killed the CatWear the paper bag.Bronze
Cat-a-stropheTry to play mahjong with the robots.Bronze
Cat Got Your Tongue?Have B-12 translate a robot.Bronze
Missed JumpFall inside the city.Bronze
ScratchScratch the vinyl in the club.Bronze
No More LivesDie 9 times.Bronze
Boom Chat KalakaDunk the basketball.Bronze
Not AloneMeet B-12.Silver
Cat’s best friendNuzzle up against 5 robots.Silver
MeowlodyBring all the music sheets to Morusque.Silver
TerritoryScratch in every chapter.Silver
Al-Cat-RazGo to jail.Silver
SneakittyGo through Midtown without being detected by the Sentinels.Silver
Productive DaySleep for more than one hour.Silver
Cat-a-PultJump 500 times.Silver
A Little ChattyMeow 100 times.Silver
Can’t Cat-ch MeComplete the first Zurk pursuit without being caught.Gold
PacifistComplete the Sewers without killing any Zurks.Gold
I am SpeedComplete the game in less than 2 hours.Gold
BadgesCollect all badges.Gold
CatwalkReach Midtown.Gold
I Remember!Gather all B-12 memories.Gold
Eye OpenerComplete the game and open the city.Gold
All DoneUnlock all trophiesPlatinum

Most of these are pretty doable. The trophies seem to mostly involve just playing through the game, unlocking new areas, interacting with the different gameplay elements often enough and finding all the collectibles. I'm sure that you will meow more than often enough, who wouldn't?!

There is only one speedrun trophy, asking you to finish the game in 2 hours. We know the playtime for Stray already, as it has been officially revealed. We could see that being doable, if you already know your way around the world and aren't getting distracted by all of the extra content in the game.

Stray will be released on July 19 for PS4, PS5 & PC. This list is obviously only showing the trophies for PS4 & PS5, but we assume that the achievements on Steam will be the same. If you have a PlayStation, we recommend looking into the new PS Plus, as Stray will be available to the service for no additional cost.