Summoners War Chronicles: Best Monsters

Are you unsure which monster to choose in Summoners War: Chronicles? We will help you make the right decision!

Archangel summoners war
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Summoners War: Chronicles is an massively multiplayer online role-playing game, a title that you may already be familiar with.

As the player, you will assume the role of a summoner who calls forth a range of monsters to assist in safeguarding the kingdom of Rahil, where you serve as the guardian.

With an array of monsters at your disposal, each with distinct abilities, appearances, and elemental attributes such as fire, wind, light, water, and darkness, it can be challenging to determine the best picks for early stages of the game. Nonetheless, it is crucial to keep in mind that not all monsters are created equal, and some are more effective than others. Therefore, players would be wise to familiarize themselves with the monsters that are considered to be the most advantageous in the game.

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Fortunately, this guide will provide you with valuable insights into which monsters are the top choices for starting out, taking into account each element's superiors and inferiors.

By learning about the best picks to cultivate in the early stages of the game, you can attain immense success in Summoners War: Chronicles.

Summoners War: Chronicles Best Monsters

This general overview should help you in the endgame.

S-Tier Monsters

  • Tier S: These monsters are considered the best in the game and are extremely powerful:

Vampire (Water)
Vampire (Fire, Wind, Light, Dark)
Valkyrja (Water, Wind, Light)
Valkyrja (Fire, Dark)
Undine (all)
Sylph (Water, Wind, Dark)
Sylph (Fire, Light)
Sky Dancer (all)
Raven (all)
Polar Queen (all)
Pirate Captain (all)
Pioneer (all)
Panda Warrior (Wind, Water, Dark, Light)
Panda Warrior (Fire)
Occult Girl (all)
Monkey King (all)
Mermaid (all)
Martial Cat (all)
Magic Knight (all)
Lich (all)

Monsters 2
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Kobold Bomber (all)
Joker (all)
Jack-o’-lantern (all)
Ifrit (all)
Harpy (Dark, Water)
Desert Queen (all)
Chimera (all)
Beast Monk (all)
Epikion Priest (all)
Archangel (Light, Wind, Water, Fire)
Archangel (Dark)

A-Tier Monsters

  • Tier A: These monsters are also quite good and can hold their own in battles:

Mystic Witch (Light, Wind, Dark)
Inferno (all)
Imp Champion (all)
High Elemental (all)
Harpu (all)
Harg (all)
Griffon (all)

Monster 3
Summoners War Chronicles: Really cool & badass monsters | © Com2uS

Cow Girl (Fire, Dark)
Oracle (all)
Beetle Knight (all)
Amazon (Dark, Light, Wind, Water)

B-Tier Monsters

  • Tier B: These monsters are average and can still be useful, depending on the situation

Werewolf (all)
Warbear (all)
Vagabond (all)
Pixie (Water, Fire, Dark)
Penguin Knight (all)
Inugami (all)
Imp (all)
Howl (all)
Hellhound (all)
Garuda (all)
Mystic Witch (Water, Fire)

Monster 4
Summoners War Chronicles: Fire monster | © Com2uS

Frankenstein (Light, Water, Dark)
Fairy (Light, Fire, Dark)
Cow Girl (Wind, Water, Light)
Battle Mammoth (all)
Amazon (Fire)

C-Tier Monsters

  • Tier C: These monsters are below average, but can still be used if you like them:

Yeti (all)
Serpent (all)
Salamander (all)
Pixie (Wind, Light)
Mummy (all)
Lizardman (all)
Living Armor (all)
Harpy (Wind, Fire, Light)
Grim Reaper (all)

Monster 5
Summoners War Chronicles: do not forget to look into the details of your monsters | © Com2uS

Gore (all)
Golem (all)
Frankenstein (Fire, Wind)
Fairy (Water, Wind)
Elemental (all)
Charger Shark (all)

D-Tier Monsters

  • Tier D: These monsters are the worst in the game and should be avoided if possible:

Surprise Box (all)

Slime (all)
Skull Soldier (all)
Sandman (all)
Mushroom (all)
Monster Flower (all)
Mischievous Bat (all)
Mimick (all)
Maned Boar (all)
Horned Frog (all)
Ghost (all)
Forest Keeper (all)
Battle Scorpion (all)
Low Elemental (all)

Summoners War: Chronicles Best Starters For The Early Game

If you are unsure in the early game, then this selection will certainly help you:

3-Star Monsters:

Fairy: (Fire, Mage): shoots a sphere to randomly attack two enemies within the area; shoots arrows upward to attack enemies within range.

Gore: (Fire, Warrior): attacks a targeted enemy and removes their Critical Rate Up; slams the ground to attack all nearby enemies.

Dark Harpy: Flaps wings to attack targeted enemy twice while stunningAttacks targeted enemy using ferocious claws and applies debuffs like decreasing defenseActivates link skill twice

Monster 6
Summoners War Chronicles: Best Starter Monsters | © Com2uS

Dark Hellhound: Assassin monster. Increases its own attack speed and deals damage to targeted enemy based on its own attack speed. Bites targeted enemy dealing massive damage and recovers own HP based on damage dealt.

Dark Fairy: Archer monster. Attacks targeted enemy while stunnin.g Attacks up to two enemies within attack range using sphere while stunning. Attacks targeted enemy by cursing

4-Star Monsters For Beginners:

Harpu (Fire, Knight): throws feathers to attack nearby enemies, preventing their HP from being recovered; recovers allies' HP proportional to the character's Max Health.

Epikion Priest (Fire, Support): recovers health status of closer teammates and applies invincibility to them; applies invincibility to all allies.

Penguin Knight (Fire, Knight): swings a sword to attack a targeted enemy while stunning; triggers nearby enemies to draw attention to the character itself.

Pixie (Wind, Support): attacks enemies within range, creating an explosion; applies buffs to increase attack and defense of teammates.

Garuda (Light, Knight): decreases skill cooldown time of allies; recovers health status of closer teammates.

Living Armor (Light, Assassin): swings a hammer to deal damage to the targeted enemy proportional to their defense; unleashes a powerful shockwave to deal massive damage to the targeted enemy three times in a row.

Mystic Witch (Light, Mage): attacks enemies within the area which cannot be healed; attacks enemies within the area three times, summoning a comet.

Vagabond (Light, Knight): swings a sword to deal damage to enemies twice based on their defense; increases defense of nearby teammates.

Amazon (Light, Archer): shoots arrows to deal damage to the targeted enemy; shoots a powerful arrow to deal massive damage to the enemy target, with increased damage if the target is a boss.

Epikion Priest (Light, Support): recovers health status of nearby teammates proportional to the character's health status; revives an ally who is defeated in battle.

Garuda (Water, Knight): decreases skill cooldown time of team members by spreading its wings; recovers health status of team members while removing electric shock.

Frankenstein (Water, Knight): roars and provokes nearby enemies; jumps high and slams the ground to deal massive damage to nearby enemies while stunning them.

Amazon (Water, Archer): shoots arrows upwards to attack enemies within range four times in a row while applying freeze; shoots an arrow with massive power at the targeted enemy.

Howl (Water, Support): recovers health status of selected ally while increasing their defense, with recovery based on the character's max health status; recovers nearby allies while removing debuffs such as attack down and defense down from them.

Water Knight: Recovers the health of nearby allies and increases their attack speed through howling. Attacks targeted enemy three times using claws and applies debuffs like decreasing defense.

Dark Harg:
Support monster. Attacks target using a beam of light. Attacks targeted enemy using tree vines. Provides buffs to nearby allies such as increasing attack speed and precision

Dark Cow Girl: Archer monster. Attacks targeted enemy using bullet filled with forbidden power. Uses magic bullets to attack targeted enemy twice while increasing own attack speed

Dark Inugami: Assassin monster. Attacks enemy target while decreasing defense and applying poison. Scratches the enemy while attacking to increase damage. Attacks targeted enemy dealing massive damage through sharp teeth.