Summoners War Chronicles: Best Starter Characters

There are several starter classes in Summoners War Chronicles but which one should you choose? We will help you decide!

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Summoners War: Chronicles is the latest addition to the well-loved Summoners War franchise. The game allows you to take on the role of a summoner, using powerful monsters to battle enemies.

To make this task easier, you must choose the best starting character and learn how to use them effectively.

Each character in the game possesses unique abilities and strengths, and you must choose monsters that complement their skills to achieve the best results.

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Our Summoners War: Chronicles best starter class guide provides helpful tips on character abilities and the best monster combinations to use during gameplay.

Summoners War Chronicles: Best Starter Characters

While having a strong team composition is crucial to winning battles, complete control over the game is equally important.The hardest decision at the beginning of the game is selecting one character from the three presented to you, as you may be unsure of which one is the best choice.

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In Summoners War Chronicles, creating a strong team can either be simple or challenging. All you need is one reliable monster to get started, but choosing the right monsters to complement your playable character is crucial for success.

As the game allows you to summon monsters to fight alongside you, picking the best ones out of the hundreds available can be daunting.

However, the key to building a solid team is to have a balance of damage, sustainability, and a front line.

When choosing monsters to complement your playable character, it's important to consider the traits you're missing.

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For example, if you're playing as Orbia, a character specializing in Magic DMG, you may want to add another DPS monster, a support monster for sustainability, and a tank/defensive monster for the front line.

If you're playing as Kina, a character with healing abilities, you could skip the support monster and instead go for two DPS monsters.

Sometimes a tank may also be useful, but it's not always necessary since Kina can deal damage and heal allies.

Cleaf is a defensive character, so there's no need for a tank monster.

Instead, a support/healer and DPS monsters can be deployed for maximum effectiveness.

Remember, every team should have at least one powerful damage dealer monster, and sometimes, monsters can provide significant damage output that your playable character may lack.

By assembling the best team based on your playable character, you'll be well on your way to success in Summoners War Chronicles.

Summoners War Chronicles: Cleaf

Cleaf is a Tank Class Summoner, meaning he excels at being a frontline attacker.

Armed with a magical sword and shield, he rushes towards his enemies with powerful ATK and DEF capabilities.

As a Tank Class hero, he benefits greatly from having a Support class monster and a Dark class monster by his side.

This allows for backup from behind, with the Support class monster providing cover fire while the Dark Mage class monster manipulates opponents with special spells and psychic powers, creating a winning scenario for the players.

Cleaf summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: Starter Cleaf | © Com2uS

The Wind-style Occult Girl is one ideal option as Support class monster for fighting alongside Cleaf, as she has immense DEF powers and can provide the best cover fire from behind.

Her range attacks from behind can quickly clear out enemies and the battleground. For a Dark class monster, the Dark-style Vampire is a great companion due to their exceptional psychic powers.

The Dark style of this monster is perfect for manipulating opponents with spells cast from a distance, allowing for a fair chance of victory for the teammates fighting at the front.

Cleaf is a good choice for beginners in Summoners War Chronicle,
as he is designed to be a tank that can absorb a lot of damage and stay alive for extended periods.

This makes him a great option for players who are still learning the game mechanics without the added stress of managing multiple characters on the battlefield.

In addition to his tanking abilities, Cleaf has good damage potential, making him a valuable contributor in battle.

He can also provide excellent support for the rest of the team with skills that can increase the defense of allies and decrease the attack of enemies, ensuring the team's survival.

Overall, Cleaf is a versatile character that provides new players with a valuable asset on the battlefield.

Summoners War Chronicles: Kina

Kina is a character known for her exceptional healing abilities and her cute, small appearance.

Despite her diminutive size, she is a powerful character when played correctly.

Kina belongs to the Healer Class and uses her immense power and Hammer to heal her comrades while they withstand heavy damage.

Kina's primary strength lies in her ability to heal her monsters, which is crucial in battles as it helps to keep them alive for longer periods.

To maximize her healing capabilities, it is recommended to pair her with monsters that can provide protection and high DPS. This way,

Kina can focus on healing while her monsters focus on dealing damage.

Kina summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: Starter Kina | © Com2uS

Another critical aspect of playing Kina is to learn how to avoid incoming damage, as her healing abilities are only effective if she is alive to use them.

She also has supportive skills that can reduce the incoming damage to the monsters in the team.

Kina is not that easy to play for beginners, she may be challenging until she is fully developed.

However, when played with powerful monsters and mastered correctly, she can be a valuable asset to any team.

With her powerful healing abilities and supportive skills, Kina can help keep the team alive even in the most challenging battles.

Her ATK and DEF powers enable her to help her teammates from a safe distance.

Kina is most effective when paired with Warrior and Mage class monsters.

The Warrior class monster fights at the frontline, while the Mage class monster uses her spells to disorient the enemies, and Kina heals her teammates while providing cover fire from behind.

Fire/Light style Chimera is one good option as a Warrior class monster to pair with Kina.

This flying beast has great potential to eliminate enemies quickly, with powerful breath range attacks that can easily wipe out 2-3 enemy troops.

Water/Wind style Polar Queen is a good Mage class monster for Kina, with extraordinary mystical powers that can help Chimera fight against hallucinated, half-dead enemy troops.

Although Polar Queen has lower ATK powers, she prefers to play her role from a distance and helps her teammates fight with ease.

Summoners War Chronicles: Orbia

Orbia is a powerful character in the game who specializes in magic.

Although she should be played defensively, much like Kina, Orbia has a unique ability to deal damage and debuff enemies.

This makes her one of the best damage-dealing characters in the game.

Orbia is considered the best magician among the Summoners, possessing the best sets of psychic powers and spells that can make opponents hallucinate and travel to different realms.

Her skills focus on crowd control, meaning that she can control multiple enemies at once, which is incredibly powerful in battle.

However, these abilities can be challenging for beginners to use effectively.

Orbia summoners war
Summoners War Chronicles: Starter Orbia | © Com2uS

She has skills that can hold foes hostage in their own hallucinations, send them into other realms, or simply block their attacks.

To maximize Orbia's potential, players should focus on building her up with monsters that complement her abilities.

This means selecting monsters that can provide protection and high DPS so that Orbia can focus on dealing damage and debuffing enemies.

She has minimal ATK and DEF powers, so she prefers to fight from a distance.

Therefore, the best set of monsters to use alongside her would be from the Warrior class and the Support class.

As Orbia is the caster of the team, she needs the best fighter alongside the best cover fire provider for her teammate.

The Fire-style Monkey King is the one good option as a Warrior class monster to fight alongside Orbia.

He has the best ATK powers and physical strength compared to the rest of the Warrior class monsters.

His stick can be used to fight, shield, and even come up with creative fighting moves that can confuse the enemies.

The Fire/Light style Archangel is a very good Support monster to fight alongside Orbia.

Archangel fights with their sword, which has the power to manipulate the aura from the source and use that aura to come up with the best powers from it.

He has one of the best ATK powers and is the only Support class monster who can fight as a Knight and Support class monster at the same time.

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