Summoners War Chronicles: How To Get Resources Fast

You are lacking resources in Summoners War: Chronicles? We show you a fast way to get them.

Summoners war quest
Summoners War Chronicles: Fast Resources | © Com2uS

In Summoners War Chronicles the goal is to increase the power of your monster, which can be achieved by sending exploration teams to gather resources.

These resources can be used for various purposes, including increasing your level in a profession, acquiring end-game items, and creating outfits and costumes.

Exploration teams can gather resources while you're playing the game or even when you're away from it.

Summoners War Chronicles: Fast Resources With Exploration Captain Lizard

The option to send exploration teams is unlocked by completing the main story or side story, or by finding the exploration captain lizard.

To send a squad, click on the exploration captain and choose the squad or explorer option.

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Note that the third slot on the squad option is locked and can be unlocked using crystals. Sending exploration teams is a good investment in maximizing your power in the game.

If you don't always want to use all your time to find resources on the back of your mount, then the lizardman will help you.

Lizardman summoners war chronicles
Summoners War Chronicles: Fast Resources with exploration lizard | © Com2uS

To improve your performance in battles, it is important to prioritize enhancing your Summoner's weapons, skills, and abilities.

By investing resources in your Summoner, you can boost their power and increase their overall effectiveness on the battlefield, which ultimately strengthens your team.

Good luck in becoming stronger and have fun playing Summoners War: Chronicles!

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