Summoners War Chronicles: Summoning Monsters | Noob Traps You Should Avoid

You don't want to make any mistakes when summoning your monster? Then check out our guide!

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Summoners War Chronicles: Summoning Monsters | Tips & Tricks | © Com2uS

In today's guide, we will talk about the monster summoning in Summoners War: Chronicles

We will provide a clear understanding of why correct summoning is important.

I would recommend you to focus on three specific characters in the early game: water Garuda, wind pixie, and fire fairy.

These characters are available for free during the seven-day special mission event for new players.

Summoners War Chronicles: Summoning Monsters | Tips & Tricks

By focusing on these three characters, new players can progress through the main story and even area exploration without needing to build other monsters yet.

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It's not necessary to have natural 5-star monsters at this stage, so players should keep summoning 3-star while progressing in the game.

An update has made it easier to max out three-star units by easily maxing their skills, level, and awakening.


In Summoners War: Chronicles, there is a feature called selective summons which allows players to summon powerful monsters.

The selective summon becomes available after you reach the summon altar with your main character.

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Summoners War Chronicles: Summon Altar | © Com2uS

This feature is one of the most valuable in the game! Players should not waste it.

The selective summons banner is activated by clicking on the "30 out of 30"-button, which summons 10 monsters. Players can keep doing this until they get the desired five-star monster.

The game has many monsters to summon, so you can easily get one very early in the game. It is advisable to wait before using the selective summons feature.

If players play for two to three weeks, clear each continent, complete all side quests on all three Summoners, they will have hundreds of Scrolls to summon, and they will definitely get a couple of five star monsters with all of those Scrolls.

It is also important to remember that the Summoner serves a role in the team, and players should think of them as their fourth monster that they control.

Also, you will get a 4-star monster in the selective summon later on, which allows you to pick any four-star unit that you want to balance out your team.

It is essential to look for a well-rounded unit that complements your team's main character, who is part of the team.

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Noob Traps You Should Avoid

First choose a Summoner to play, it doesn't matter which one since you can switch and play all of them.

However, Orbia is the best for PVE content, Cliff is more oriented towards PVP, and Kina is a bit of both.

If you're a competitive player, you can rush through the campaign and finish it as fast as possible.

Only do side quests and dungeons if necessary.

Once you finish the campaign, restart with a new character to get more summons and resources for free.

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Summoners War Chronicles: Unknown Summon | © Com2uS

If you want to be competitive, rerolling is an option, but it's not necessary.

Build a team of three-star heroes, and only focus on three monsters from the beginning as everything is expensive in terms of gold, experience, and skill upgrades.

The core unit will help you finish the tower of Ascension and the campaign.

Spend most of your time in the Rune dungeons, but don't waste your tickets because you will need them for other dungeons.

Furthermore what is still important: it's best to avoid trading in your five-star monster pieces for rewards in the Exchange Shop.

Instead, save them up to summon a specific five-star monster or use them to power up your existing monsters later in the game.

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Three-star monster pieces offer good value for getting Breath of Life and other items in the shop, but it's worth keeping a few particular S-tier monsters, such as the Win Pixie Shannon and the Water Garuda Konomiya.

Save your four-star selection tickets for mid to late game when you can fill out the weaknesses in your roster, such as getting a wind healer like Michelle or a water damage dealer like the Water High Elemental or Water Amazon.

Raw Heel Repeat Quest tokens and dungeon entry tickets should also be saved for later levels, where they can be used to obtain valuable resources and runes.

While it's okay to power up a four or five-star weapon, don't waste materials and repair stones by powering up your runes to plus 15 since better ones will come later in the game.

Tips & Tricks

When starting the game, there are common mistakes that people make, and the game can be overwhelming if you are not used to playing an MMO.

The tutorials can distract you from the main questline, which is important to follow, as it leads to rewards such as summons, materials, and upgrades for units.

While there are other things to do in the game, such as the guard journal, it's important to stay on the path of the main questline.

Leveling up runes is crucial, but it's important not to waste resources on low-level runes. It's better to save resources for higher-level runes.

There was another mistake that I didn't make but some people of the Chronicles Community.

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Summoners War Chronicles: Tips & Tricks | © Com2uS

They have said that some players went to dungeons like the Kairos, Path of Growth, and Path of Training to do their limited entries for the day.

They used the dungeon entry tickets they received to obtain more materials or unknown scrolls.

However, it's not recommended to do this.

It's better to save your dungeon energy tickets for later use.

Remember that everyone has limited resources, and even if you spend money, you can't farm 24/7. This is good for the game because it prevents players from getting too far ahead.

Regarding team-building, it's important to focus on one 5-star at the time, that can carry you in farming. For many fans of the game, "re-rolling" can be a helpful strategy to enhance their experience, even if they're not familiar with the term.

This involves deleting your account and starting over to potentially summon a powerful 5-star monster, but it can take many attempts to get the desired result.

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Summoners War Chronicles: 5-star monsters are possible to get | © Com2uS

It's advisable to keep any decent 5-star monster obtained during the process, as they can still be very useful.

In addition, it's important to remember to use the appropriate element weapon when fighting monsters and bosses, as there are specific attributes that have advantages over others.

It's not recommended to spend crystals on summons, as the game is generous with summon rates and offers a pity system.

It's better to use crystals for dungeon refreshes and purchasing useful items in the consumable section. Players should also make use of account storage for items they don't need but don't want to sell.

It's best to have a variety of monster types and elements to prepare for different regions and enemies.

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While 5-star monsters are valuable, it's important to build a team with different specialties, including support and night or light class monsters.

In this game, making a mistake by spending your gold recklessly can be detrimental to your progress.

Gold is an essential resource that is needed for almost everything, such as upgrading runes, evolving champions, awakening champions, and awakening skills.

However, gold is difficult to come by, and it is recommended not to spend it unnecessarily. For instance, upgrading anything below five-star runes to plus 15 is not worth it because it will not yield a good return on investment.

The main sources of gold are dungeons, disassembling gear, and repeatable quests, but these are limited, and it is crucial to manage your gold wisely.

Without proper gold management, you may end up with Champions and runes that are not making a significant difference in your game.

It is important to avoid this mistake to prevent getting stuck with no gold and limited progress.

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By summoning scrolls there are three important things to note.

  • Firstly, you can obtain units from a specific banner or battle pass, making certain units less valuable.
  • Secondly, events may also offer the opportunity to obtain specific units.
  • Lastly, it is currently unknown which patch the game will be released on during the global launch.

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