Summoners War Chronicles: Monster Tier List Created By Community

Are you looking for a good tier list for the monsters in Summoners War: Chronicles? We have one here for you!

Best Monk S Ummoners War
Summoners War Chronicles: Monster Tier List | © Com2uS

In Summoners War: Chronicles, players have the role of a summoner who fights side by side with his monsters throughout the game.

The monsters that players obtain through the gacha system join them in battles and fight alongside them.

Players can have a maximum of three monsters in their party at any given time, and it is recommended to have a variety of elements and roles to support the player in fights.

For instance, a player who primarily focuses on dealing damage could benefit greatly from having a tank, healer, or buffer monster alongside them.

Based on overall rankings in both PVP and PVE game modes, certain types of monsters are considered to be the strongest in Summoners War: Chronicles.

It is important to note that tier lists are subjective, especially in a game like this, and ultimately, the best units for a player depend on their personal playstyle.

However, using the S-tier monsters can be a good starting point for players.

A good headset or keyboard should not be missing from your gaming experience on the PC now!

You are looking for a really good monster tier list overview which really everyone understands and which includes many monsters?

Then we have found the right thing for you via reddit!

Summoners War Chronicles: Monster Tier List

Have fun with the list, I hope it can help you, for me it was already helpful in the game.

Monster Tier List first start
Summoners War Chronicles: Happy monster summoning and don't forget the tier list | © Com2uS
Monster Tier List start
Summoners War Chronicles: Helpful Monster Tier List | © Com2uS
Monster Tier List 2
Summoners War Chronicles: Monster Tier List - don't just look at overall, the other infos are important too | © Com2uS
Monster Tier List 3
Summoners War Chronicles: Here you have the overview of the Monster Tier List| © Com2uS
Summoners war tier
Summoners War Chronicles: Monster Tier List with every element| © Com2uS
Monster Tier List 4
Summoners War Chronicles: The End of the Monster Tier List | © Com2uS

As soon as there is new information about the monsters or a shift within the rating on the part of the community, we will adjust this list.

Have fun with the game!

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