The Witcher 4 Concept Trailer Looks Amazing

The Witcher 4 is happening, but outside of knowing that the game is real, we don't have much. Well... now we have a concept trailer at least.

The witcher 4 trailer
Don't expect him to be back for The Witcher 4 though. | © Artak Avetisyan

The wait for The Witcher 4 is real. Though, maybe I should add that it is not really The Witcher 4 - the game is more of a soft-reboot, likely featuring a new protagonist and a whole new cast of characters, maybe even a new setting. That much was revealed by CDPR, but aside from that we know nothing about the upcoming RPG. Naturally, as fans we are impatient and itching to finally get some more, and that sentinemt is shared by YouTuber TeaserPlay, who came up with a beautiful concept trailer for the game.

The Witcher 4 Concept Trailer

Of course, a concept trailer is not the real deal, but even as a fan-made product, this one does set the bar rather high: Unreal Engine 5, ray-tracing... these are all things we expect from the game anyway, so if a fan can come up with this, then we can't wait to see what CDPR is actually going to bless us with.

When The Witcher 4 is finally released, it will face some stiff competition: Some amazing upcoming RPGs were revealed at the Gamescom, and the Elder Scrolls 6 is also still looming on the horizon, and Starfield is sure to have a long shelf life, so... it's a good time to be a hardcore RPG fan.