Ubisoft Will Use AI To Keep Their Writing "Robotic And Soulless"

Game producer Ubisoft has revealed its latest development software. Ghostwriter will help game developers write dialogue for characters.

Ghostwriter iaubisoft
As if Ubisoft dialogue wasn't poor enough. | © Ubisoft

The possibilities of artificial intelligence are limited only by human imagination, which turns out to have no limits. Meet Ghostwriter, Ubisoft's new AI.

Ghostwriter was recently developed by Ubisoft La Forge. It's designed to save developers and game studios a huge amount of time by doing their jobs for them.

On the one hand, it's a great way for Ubisoft to speed up game production, but on the other, fans are worried that it will inadvertently contribute to making their games "robotic and soulless"?

Ubisoft Ai - We Introduce You The Ghostwriter

The tool is developed for scriptwriters creating game dialogues. Ghostwriter will be used to create the first draft of a character's dialogue, but it will not do this completely on its own.

Dialogue creators enter the character and the type of interaction they want to create into the program. The tool then creates variations, each with slightly different wording. As screenwriters edit the draft versions, Ghostwriter updates itself, creating more customized options in the future.

Per Ubisoft

Ghostwriter was created hand-in-hand with narrative teams to help them complete repetitive tasks more quickly and efficiently, giving them more time and creative freedom to work on the game's narrative, characters and cutscenes.

A few days ago Ubisoft presented its development in the video below:

Indignation Of Ubisoft's Gaming Community

As suggested by the comments below the video - the community are not satisfied with Ubisoft's move. Despite numerous claims that it will greatly improve the work of scriptwriters, fans are not entirely convinced.

The narrative element in Ubisoft's games is already poor, according to the opinion of a great many gamers. The question now is whether they can ever improve if they're relying on Ghostwriter?

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