V Rising Guide: How To Get Iron

Iron is a very useful material in V Rising, but it can be pretty tough to get your hands on. We will show you the best way to farm iron ore in V Rising.
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See here everything you need to know about iron in V Rising. | © Stunlock

Crafting is a big component of V Rising, everyone's favorite new game. But to build more advanced structures and items in the later parts of the game, you will need iron. But V Rising doesn't really tell you how to get that sweet mat. So many people are wondering, how the heck you can get iron in V Rising. The answer is actually pretty simple, as we will show you in this guide!

The Best Way To Get Iron in V Rising

To find Iron in V Rising, you need to go to the Haunted Iron Mine in the Dunley Farmlands, located in the center of the map. You will find tons of Iron Ore in the Haunted Iron Mine – I know, big surprise. With that name and everything. But, like I said, none of this is actually that complicated! You can do it!

The mine is not just an iron mine, it's also haunted. And you know what that means: tons of really dangerous enemies. So if you want to go to the Iron Mine, we recommend that you have a level of around 35-40.

Where To Find The Haunted Iron Mine

The Haunted Iron Mine is located in the Dunley Farmlands. This area is pretty much in the very middle of the world map in V Rising. We have the exact location here for you:

V Rising Iron Mine Location Map
Here is where to find the Iron Mine in V Rising. | © Stunlock

How To Mine Iron Ore in V Rising

Once you make your way to the Iron Mine, you won't be able to find all the iron just lying around in chests or as loot from enemies. You will need a Merciless Copper tool to mine Iron Ore. We recommend the Merciless Copper Mace, as it's also a really strong weapon.

Here is what you need to craft a Merciless Copper Mace in V Rising:

  • 1 Copper Mace
  • 1 Leather
  • 2 Crude Topazes
  • 8 Whetstone

Make sure to come prepared and craft the mace, so you can quickly farm all the iron you'll need. There is tons of Iron Ore in the mine, so if you prepare well, you will be able to fill your pockets super quickly.

How To Make Iron Ingots In V Rising

In order to smelt your Iron Ore into Iron Ingots, you will need to use a Furnace. This will allow you to use the iron for all kinds of crafting. However, you will first need to unlock the recipe for Iron Ingots and the ability to build a Smithy. In order to do this, you will need to defeat Quincey The Bandit King, a level 37 boss located in the Bandit Stronghold in the north of the Farbane Woods.