V Rising Guide: How To Plant Seeds

See here how you get and plant seeds in V Rising.
V Rising Guide How To Plant Seeds
Here's everything you need to know about V Rising seeds. | © Stunlock

You're playing V Rising and you're getting tired of always having to go out, just to get some materials? I get it, it is annoying. You know how you can avoid that? Grow your own stuff, man! In V Rising, you can acquire seeds and plant them, giving you a constant supply of materials and items. Want to know how to plant seeds in V Rising? Then read this guide to find out everything!

How to Plant Seeds and Farm Resources

At some point, you will want to start your own farms to gather resources and materials. This will grant you far more than if you would go and hunt for that stuff out there in the world. That's an EarlyGame promise. Now, that sounds pretty good, right? But how can you do that? It's not that difficult, actually. V Rising seeds can be found all over the huge map, collect them to plant the resource later on.

If you keep an eye out for seeds while playing V Rising, you will quickly have a huge supply of materials and resources, which will passively grow while you play the game. All you need is a seed of your choice and a garden area in your castle and voila... you can become your very own farmer!

In order to plant your seed, put a seed in your action bar and press the corresponding key while standing on grass or on a Garden Floor in your garden area. You need to unlock Garden Floors first though. You do that by beating the Level 34 boss Polora the Feywalker. And that's it! Now your seed will grow, which usually takes a few in-game hours.

How To Get More Seeds

There are two ways to get more Seeds in V Rising: loot 'em or buy 'em! You will find seeds while looting in V Rising, mostly from bosses or containers in farms. This doesn't guarantee you a supply of seeds, but it is far cheaper then going out to buy those lil guys. However, if you got the coinage on hand, you could do that at any time.

Here are all merchants who sell seeds in V Rising:

  • Gavyn the Shady Dealer (Farbane Woods): Blood Rose, Fire Blossom, Snow Flower, Mourning Lily, Hell's Clarion Spores (15 Silver Coins each)
  • Ottar the Merchant (Silverlight Hills): Ghost Shroom, Highland Lotus (200 Silver Coins each)
  • Berk the Traveling Trader (Dunley Farmlands): Sunflower Seeds (45 Silver Coins)

And that's all, folks! Now you know how to get seeds and how to plant them in V Rising. Check out our other guides on valuable materials in V Rising, like leather and iron.