V Rising Guide: How To Build A Castle

You just started V Rising and wonder how to build a huge vampire castle? Well, you've come to the right place. Let us show you how to build a castle in V Rising.
V Rising Castle
How do ypu build a castle like this? | © Stunlock Studios

V Rising is the perfect game for every Diablo, vampire or Valheim fan out there. In fact, it kind of is a mix between the gameplay of Diablo fights and Valheim survival and building but all of it with vampires... Sounds crazy but also awesome, right? We already covered how to get materials like Iron and leather, but now we will explain how to build your own castle in V Rising.

Of course that is no easy task and takes some time, but don't worry, we will take you through the process bit by bit. From gathering the resources over placing the castle heart to building everything you need for a castle worthy of a mighty vampire.

How To Build A Castle In V Rising

For all of you who don't want to read the whole article, you need to do the following to build a castle:

  1. Gather enough resources
  2. Get and place the Castle Heart
  3. Add borders and walls
  4. Build a coffin and wooden stash
  5. Build a Sawmill
  6. Build a workbench
  7. Get a Blood Altar

So let's start at the beginning:

Gather Enough Resources

Before you can start building, you obviously need to gather enough resources to do so. The most important resources are wood, referred to as Lumber, Stone, and Blood Essence. The bigger you want to build your castle, the more of these resources you need. Since you have to reach level 10 anyways before you can start building, we recommend to just farm as many resources as possible on your way there.

Get And Place The Castle Heart

Before you start building, make sure you found a good location with plenty of space. Don't forget that you will most likely expand your castle later on, so you need enough space to do so.

To then get your castle started, you need to place the Castle Heart. To be able to build the Castle Heart, you need to be at least level 10 and need to accept the Lord of Shadow quest. After those requirements are met, you can place your Castle Heart from the build menu (B key on your keyboard). While you can place the Castle Heart wherever you want, we recommend placing it in the center of your future castle. To build the Castle Heart you need:

  • Blood Essence x30
  • Stone x240

Note: Always remember that the Castle Heart basically powers everything in your castle and needs Blood Essence to not decay. Blood Essence is earned by drinking blood of living beings during your adventures, so always make sure to have enough Blood Essence stored in your castle to keep the Castle Heart running.

Add Borders And Walls

V Rising 2022 8
here you can see the Castle Heart in the middle with borders and walls arounf it. | © Stunlock Studios

After your Castle Heart is placed, you need to set borders around it. Those borders will limit the space you can build your castle in. To make one border "Block" you need:

  • Blood Essence x2
  • Stone x20

When this is done, you can start building walls around it. All of this is done in the build menu. To place walls, you will need a lot of Lumber:

  • Palisade Wall
    • Lumber x80
    • Plant Fiber x30
  • Palisade Entrance
    • Lumber x80
    • Plant Fiber x30
  • Palisade Gate
    • Lumber x80

Build A Coffin And Wooden Stash

As a real vampire, you need a coffin to sleep in, of course. To start off your castle, one coffin is enough, you can add further one later. To build a coffin, you need the following:

  • Lumber x180

You will also need a wooden stash to progress further. This is basically a wooden chest to store resources and items that you need but don't want to carry with you all the time. To build a wooden stash you need:

  • Lumber x150

Build A Sawmill

If you want to continue growing your castle you now need planks and to get those you will need to place a Sawmill. To do so, you need:

  • Lumber x 400
  • Stone x80

After you placed the Sawmill interact with it and place Lumber in it. The Sawmill will now produce Planks and Sawdust for you.

Build A Simple Workbench

Now that we have Planks, it is time to build a Simple Workbench. To build a Workbench you need:

  • Plank x8
  • Stone x80
  • Animal Hide x120

With the Workbench you can now increase your gear level.

Get A Blood Altar

To finish off your first castle, you now need to make a Blood Altar. Use the Workbench to increase your gear level to at least 15 which allows you to build a Blood Altar. To place it, you need:

  • Blood Essence x10
  • Stone x180

The Blood Altar can now be used to track bosses known as V Bloods.

Congratulations, you have just completed building your first castle in V Rising. Of course those were only the basics, you need to have a fully functional castle, so don't forget to upgrade while you progress through the game. If you are more into Lost Ark, we got you covered as well, just look at our latest guide.