PS5 Pro And New Xbox X/S Set For "2023/24", Reveals Leaked Slideshow

An updated Xbox X/S and PS5 Pro were "unveiled" at a Polish technology conference.
The PS5 Pro and new Xbox X/S were even given updated specs. | © PPE / Maciej Zabłocki

You may not be able to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 yet, but you may soon find yourself being able to pick up a PlayStation 5 Pro, at least according to some tech-boffins at a Polish TV conference.

The conference was ostensibly for TCL Technology, a Chinese electronic manufacturer who makes some pretty good TVs, however, the news that went around the world was found in a slide that detailed the launch schedule of the current-gen consoles which stated that the "half-generation of consoles" or 9.5 gen would be released sometime in 2023/24.

Tech Conference Claims PS5 Pro And Xbox X/S Is Coming In 2023/24

This surprising news comes courtesy of a Polish video game publication, PPE, and their journalist on the ground, Maciej Zabłocki, who snapped the intriguing slides shown during the TCL Technology conference.

According to the slides, the PS5 Pro and an upgraded Xbox Series X/S would arrive sometime in 2023/24 and be capable of rendering at 2160p at 60-120 FPS or even UHD 8K. It also mentions they would both come with a top-of-the-line AMD Radeon RX7700XT GPU. This is a significant upgrade from the current version of the consoles which at their peak can output at 4K and 30FPS.

TCL techology 3
The TCL Technology conference in Poland had a few surprises. | © PPE / Maciej Zabłocki

But is any of this true? PS5 Pro rumors abound but Sony have confirmed absolutely nothing and Microsoft and the Xbox Series X/S are no different. What we do know is that the last two generations of consoles were built on a largely unified architecture (that is why cross-generation games are so common) and this design philosophy is set to continue.

Whatever the case, hopefully, Sony can sort the supply issues out, and we can actually get our game-deprived hands on one.

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