Voice Actor Accidently Leaks Deathloop Sequel...

On a recent Streamily podcast the voice actors from Deathloop were interviewed, and one of the guests let slip that they were still working with the studio. The voice actor quickly realized their error, adding "did I just say something I shouldn't have said?"

Deathloop 2 may just have been revealed... | © Bethesda

Deathloop is a shooter released in 2021. But unlike so many games from that genre, Deathloop differentiates itself with great writing and a compelling alternative to the linear campaign structure we're used to. The main playable character is stuck in a timeloop, hence the name. He is an assassin, and must take out all eight of his targets before midnight, or he wakes up again right at the beginning of the timeloop.

It's a refreshing approach, and the game was a critical hit. It's no wonder then that Microsoft have acquired rights to get the title on Game Pass, while the studio continue to update and improve the game. But what about a sequel?

Voice Actor Potentially Reveals Deathloop 2

We have to be clear here, the voice actor might be talking about something else he was doing with the studio, but that seems highly unlikely. In a podcast for Streamily, Jason E. Kelly (who plays Colt Vahn) said that he was still being hired by the team behind Deathloop, before quickly adding "did I just say something I shouldn't have said?". That last question pretty much confirms there's something going on.

This clip should start at the exact moment in question, enjoy:

Kelly did an amazing job in Deathloop, and so we're quite confident he'll knock it out the park again with this sequel. Well, it could be an expansion or DLC, but that seems very unlikely for a game like Deathloop. For now, all we can do is wait for more news. But if you haven't played Deathloop 1, yet we highly recommend it, you can pick up a copy here.

But if you're saving the shooters for later in the year, perhaps something festive is what you're after?

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