New Exclusive Unreal Engine 5 RPG Announced

The Bethesda acquistion continues to pay off: Now, Xbox revealed another exclusive RPG for their system.
Wasteland devs unreal engine 5 rpg
The Wasteland devs are stepping their game up. | © inXile

Unreal Engine 5 was just made official, and already the games are flooding in. Next up in line, is an Xbox exclusive RPG - courtesy of them buying Bethesda for a gazillion dollars.

Xbox Exclusive Unreal Engine 5 RPG Coming

So the Xbox has basically become the system for RPGs. They have all the Obsidian games, with Avowed looking mouth-watering, and they have the exclusive rights to anything the Bethesda umbrella puts out. Part of that Bethesda deal are a number of devs, including inXile entertainment, whom you might know from Bard's Tale or the more recent Wasteland.

Now, the RPG devs are working on a brand new game, that they already confirmed to be running on Unreal Engine 5.

We don't have much to go on, other than the fact that it is described to be a AAA RPG, and the artwork in the tweet. From the artwork, we can kind of assume a steampunk-fantasy setting: The bronze/gold statue looks to be in a industrial-church-like building, while the hooves definitely reveal a fantasy touch.

inXile are known for their hardcore RPGs, so whatever this game is, it won't be a cuddly RPG, and with the new Microsoft money, this could easily be the devs biggest RPG yet.