Things We Need In The Witcher 4

It doesn't take much information to get a fan community excited. Just the announcement that a new Witcher game is in development makes the heart of many gamers beat faster. Witcher 3 is one of the most epic games of the last few years and has a lot of fans. Of course, they have many suggestions and wishes for the new title.

ciri witcher 3
Could Ciri be a playable character?| © CD Projekt Red

When The Witcher 4 is released at some point, the expectations will be enormous. We think about the disappointment of Cyberpunk 2077. The Witcher still carries an aura of majesty. In addition, the prospect of such an important sequel provides hope. The fact that a "new saga" is proclaimed in the subtitle and the wolf is replaced by a lynx emblem in the first teaser image is taken by many as an opportunity to express their own assumptions and hopes. Let's speculate a little and collect features that we would like to see in the sequel:

1. New Playable Character

It will probably be a completely new original character. And this could possibly be someone from the School of Lynx, an association that so far only exists in fan fictions but was already officially confirmed. Some people would also like to have a woman as the main character, but we'll see if that's possible. Because so far, apart from Ciri, there haven't been any women at the Witcher schools yet. But this suggests a completely new saga, and the game doesn't necessarily have to stick to the book. A woman brings a whole new set of possibilities and wouldn't even have to compete with Geralt. The story of how she becomes a sorceress could be told as a prologue.

2. More Interaction With The World

Not only chasing from one quest to the next, but also listening to conversations of the locals and absorbing the world. Maybe the new character gets more opportunities in the world than our dear Geralt. Roam the world more independently and experience adventures, including great side quests that start somewhere in the wilderness. Just hearing a person's cry for help and following it rewards you for having discovered the event in the first place. You could take this even further and even let the person die if you don't follow the call for help, and then a few hours later, only find the remains of a corpse with a monster next to it.

3. New Open-World Concept

For example, the disappearance of the HUD elements or their reduction to a minimum like in Elden Ring. The developers should just drop players into the world and let them forge their own path. This could be achieved by having several towns near the beginning point, each offering various low-level quests to get you started. Having multiple hub areas, rather than just one, in the early hours of the game will mean no two players’ experiences will be the same. This would really add a lot to the immersion.

4. Difficult Decisions

Moral decisions in games are always something that integrates the player into the game. When you realize that your own decision will continue to make waves for another 5 hours of play, it's always a crazy feeling, and Witcher 3 has presented us with one or two difficult decisions. This system needs to come back, and CD Projekt Red should double down on it. These agonizing choices also need to influence the world and its population’s perception of you over time. While this will inevitably lead to some doors being closed in your face, others will be open elsewhere as a result, contributing to a more immersive world.

5. New Massive Fights

Witcher's usually fight with two swords: a silver sword for monsters and an iron sword for humans. This makes the game tactical and varied, but with the introduction of new sorcerer schools, such as the School of the Lynx, there is a golden opportunity to explore new styles of monster slaying.

These were just a few of the wishes circulating on the internet, and there will certainly be more until the game is released. The hype is definitely huge, and if you want to learn more about The Witcher, check out our Page!