It Seems Vesemir Will Be Main Character in The Witcher 4

The next Witcher game might not be The Witcher 4, but it seems a major Witcher 3 character will return nonetheless.

The witcher vesemir
He'll probably be in the next Witcher game. Cell-shading, though? Not so likely. | © Netflix

CDPR recently announced that a new Witcher game really is happening. They also confirmed that the game in question will not be called The Witcher 4. Rather, the game is simply a new part of The Witcher Saga, which seems to suggest it's free from any mandatory continuity ties relating to The Witcher 3. Still, fans seem to have found some solid clues that suggest Vesemir will be the main character in the upcoming Witcher game.

Why Vesemir Will Be Main Character in Witcher 4

For starters, CDPR has clarified that Geralt's story is concluded, so that rules him out as the lead character. Also (spoiler alert), The Witcher 3 ends with Ciri starting her own Witcher journey, which could lead one to think that she will take over, but since CDPR is so adamant on not calling this The Witcher 4, I'm thinking somebody else will take over: Vesemir?

The reason for my thinking is actually rather simple, and all it's based on is the mere look of the medallion we got to see in the new Witcher game's teaser:

This medallion bears some eerie resemblance to the wolf found in the Netflix anime Nightmare of the Wolf. And who does the anime revolve around? That's right: Vesemir - Geralt's mentor.

Since the new Witcher game will kick off a new Witcher saga, it is entirely possible that we will take a jump back in time and accompany Vesemir in his younger days. Also, the character is not only established through the previous Witcher games, but also with the standalone Netflix anime, which makes Vesemir the perfect character to lead the new (old) Witcher era. Taking a step back in time worked for Red Dead Redemption 2, so CDPR might just follow suit.