What Is A Battle Pass? Simply Explained

Many free-to-play games like Fortnite, Overwatch or Rocket League have a Battle Pass as part of their reward system. But what is that exactly and how does it work? Here's an explanation.

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass
What is a Battle Pass? Find an easy explanation here. | © Blizzard Entertainment

Battle Pass systems have been used more and more in video games in recent years. It is a very common feature of a free-to-play game, but for gamers who are not so interested in MMOs or free-to-play shooters like Fortnite or Overwatch 2, Battle Passes might be new territory. But don't worry, we got you covered. Here is an easy explanation of Battle Pass systems and how they work.

What Is A Battle Pass?

A Battle Pass is used for monetization in video games. Players can buy it with real currency and get in-game rewards such as skins or sprays in return. The Battle Pass is divided into several tiers, with each containing a new reward. By playing the game, players can level up their Battle Pass tier and receive more rewards. Many games offer both a free and a purchasable Battle Pass, with the free version only containing limited and less spectacular rewards. Usually, a Battle Pass is bound to a limited time, which in most cases is the time of the in-game season, which often lasts one to two months.

Here are some examples of games that have a Battle Pass:

  • Fortnite
  • Overwatch 2
  • Rocket League
  • Genshin Impact
  • Clash of Clans

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Why Is It So Profitable?

One game that recently introduced a Battle Pass system into its economy is Overwatch 2. Originally, the game cost around $40 and featured achievable lootboxes that players could open to get special rewards. Now, anyone can play the game for free, and the publisher receives even more revenue than before.

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That's because there are a lot more players in Overwatch 2 since it's free-to-play, and on top of that, those players are buying the Battle Pass on a regular basis over an indefinite period of time.

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