Steam Deck: Where to Easily Get One

Valve has released the best Steam Deck news since revealing the Steam Deck: There's no more production shortage.

Where to buy Steam Deck
The Steam Deck era is upon us. | © Valve

The answer to the headline is everywhere: You can now get a Steam Deck everywhere. Valve is officially out of the production-shortage-game. No more reservations, no more waiting, just go ahead and order it. How is this possible? Because Valve have always been, and forever will be, the good guys of the gaming industry, which is why we can't wait for the upgraded Steam Deck (yeah I'm that guy, right after the first one finally becomes accessible).

Everyone Can Order a Steam Deck Now

I'm serious too: You can literally just go ahead and order a Steam Deck now, and you will get it. No waiting, no scalping, no bloated prices: Just a fair order, like any normal product.

I mean, the timing couldn't be better either: Razer just announced their new handheld, Logitech announced a handheld, and Nintendo announced the new Zelda. With the Steam Deck no longer being on production shortage, it's hard to not buy what is easily the best handheld available: No other handheld let's you play a game like Red Dead Redemption on the go. Wanna play God of War on a handheld in all its glory? You can, but only on the Steam Deck. Beyond that, you can dock the damn thing, and mod it to literally play anything so really, the true dawn of the Steam Deck is only just beginning now that it is fully available.

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