Death Stranding 2? Overdose? Kojima Teases Next Game

Hideo Kojima has long been rumored to be working on a new game, and now he's teasing us with yet another hint.

Kojima new game
Elle Fannin. That's who. | © Kojima Productions

Hideo Kojima has always been a little bit extra, but I love for him for it and wouldn't have it any other way. Without his weird mind, Metal Gear Solid wouldn't be the Metal Gear Solid we know and love, and Death Stranding wouldn't be... well exactly what it is. But, I gotta say, Kojima is seriously loving these rumors about his upcoming game, and Hideo is really doing the mostest right now.

Hideo Kojima Teases His New Game

At this point, Kojima has been linked to The Boys, Death Stranding 2, a Metal Gear Solid remake, a Metal Gear Solid VR game, and a horror game titled Overdose. Oh, and he teased that he might be doing a Devilman game - so we really don't know wtf Kojima is working on, and this latest tease doesn't offer more clarity:

The answer to 'who' will be in the next 'where'? Yeah, I'm not even gonna try with that one. That coupled with the more recent poster you see in the header picture leaves me clueless, but the internet supsects that this outline is Elle Fanning, so... I'll roll with it.

Whatever it is that Kojima is working on, we can be sure that it's gonna be weird, creative and unique. I mean, Death Stranding was divisive af - some hated it, and others made it the game of the year. Only Kojima can manage that kind of reaction...