Will Hogwarts Legacy Get Post-Launch DLC?

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games of 2023 already. Apparently, some people aren't that into waiting, as one person in particular is leaking a lot of information, including on possible post-launch DLC.

E3 2021 hogwarts legacy
What else is there to discover in the world of Hogwarts Legacy | © Warner Bros.

New info about a possible Hogwarts Legacy DLC have recently been leaked. This refers to a huge part of the map that has been blocked, but is still available in the game files, according to the leaker.

New Leaks Suggest DLC Is Planned For Hogwarts Legacy

On January 16, a user on Twitter posted a bunch of screenshots from a supposed insider on Discord, who apparently leak new details about the upcoming Hogwarts Legacy.

This includes new info about side quests, scrapped content (like Quidditch...), as well as a possible post launch DLC.

In the Discord messages, the apparent leaker describes a large part of the map was no longer playable, while still being available in the game, hinting at this being a possible area for the DLC.

The part of the map that have been blocked are apparently the Highland and Swamps areas, and as he describes it "The game sales should be made into DLC if it is good".

The leaker is also diving into other aspects of the game, like the Merlin Puzzles, Quidditch having been scrapped from the game, or there being different storylines for the different houses of Hogwarts, that have also been posted by other leakers, so there might be some truth in his statements.

It is still a leak, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

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