Trouble Worsens For The Witcher Multiplayer Game: Dev Layoffs At Molasses

Last year the Witcher multiplayer game was rebooted by CDPR to maximize the "commercial potential of the original concept". Now, they've just laid off a ton of devs...

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The Witcher multiplayer game is in seriously trouble, but it hasn't been cancelled! | © CDPR

The Witcher 4 release date is still years away. But, don't be too disappointed, because there are tons of other Witcher projects also in development right now. One of them is a multiplayer game called "Project Sirius".

We wish we had great news for you today regarding Project Sirius, but we don't – they just had a sweep of dev layoffs, shortly after development was rebooted.

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Witcher Multiplayer Game "Project Sirius" Rebooted

An investor report was released earlier in the year by CDPR. The report began by outlining the losses incurred by development of Project Sirius (33.4 million PLN in 2022, which is about 7.7 million USD). As a result of such losses, CDPR announced an impairment allowance for ongoing development of the game in the company's books.

If that doesn't mean much to you, don't worry, as a gamer the only significant news came from a line at the very end of the report that claimed the company were "formulating a new framework for this project". Long story short, they rebooted the project, so it could reach it's full "commercial potential".

However, since then, we've heard even more bad news.

Dev Layoffs Follow Reboot

Since the reboot mentioned above, we heard that 29 devs were laid off:

So where are we now? All we can tell you for certain about Project Sirius is that it's going to be a multiplayer game set in The Witcher universe, and it hasn't been cancelled yet. But stay tuned.

Are you excited to see The Witcher franchise get a multiplayer game? Or are you more excited by the other Witcher projects right now?

There was a recent leak in regard to Project Sirius, here are some of the juiciest (unofficial) details:

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