Wo Long Fallen Dynasty: How To Beat Zhang Jiao

In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty players have to defeat Zhang Jiao, the final boss in the Demon of the Yellow Heaven battlefield. We help you with him!

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In the Demon of the Yellow Heaven battlefield, players must defeat Zhang Jiao, who is unlike the other bosses in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty because he adapts to your play style. This means that if you try to keep your distance, he will use elemental attacks, and if you come close, he will push you away with his extended hands.

Although the game may seem repetitive, the bosses are all different, requiring a unique approach to beat them. If you're struggling with Zhang Jiao, this guide can help you beat him.

How To Beat Zhang Jiao In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Before entering the boss arena, it's essential to prepare by equipping Metal Phase Spells, such as Poison Bubbles, which are effective against Zhang Jiao. Additionally, you may want to consider using the Wizardry Spell Absorb Vitality under the Wood Phase, allowing you and your allies to recover some HP when attacking.

Equipping gear that provides resistance to lightning is also advisable since Zhang Jiao frequently uses that element. Furthermore, you can equip the Wood Phase Spell Inner Breath, which helps fill up your Divine Beast Gauge quickly by deflecting an attack.

Bringing two companions can also provide distractions and give you more breathing room.

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Make sure to find every flag on the level and raise your morale to at least level 20 before attempting to face Zhang Jiao, as he will have a moral level of 20.

Farming moral points is crucial before facing Zhang Jiao.

Once you reach the final flag before the boss arena, rest on the flag and look down the stairs to find a matriarch on the right side.

Return to the flag, rest, and repeat the process to farm enough moral points. It's recommended that you exceed Zhang Jiao's level by at least five points.

What You Need To Watch Out For Against Jiao

Upon entering the chamber, a cutscene will show Zhang Jiao consuming an Elixir and transforming into a monstrous being.

He wields a staff as a melee weapon and to cast magic.

One of his initial moves is the lightning strike, where thunder will rain down on you.

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He can also summon three tornadoes that travel around the arena, but they can be avoided.

Additionally, he can blow out a strong gust of wind and send out waves of sand, but they can be deflected.

You should pay attention to his claw attack, which can be deflected by pressing B or Square when a red glint flashes on his hand.

To quickly defeat Zhang Jiao, be aggressive and push forward.

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Using two companions can help distract him while you attack him from behind. Cast Absorb Vitality to ensure your allies won't die while fighting.

Zhang Jiao can summon various elemental powers, but he will spin his hand to indicate which attack he will use. Dodge lightning bolts, avoid and block wind vortexes, and deflect fireballs.

Attack him from behind when he is occupied with your companions and precisely deflect his red attack to stagger him. Repeat this process to defeat him.

Zhang Jiaos Attacks

Zhang Jiao mainly uses his staff/club to cast various magical attacks, such as orbs of electricity, lightning bolts, wind and debris, and tornadoes. While these attacks can be deflected, it's more common to avoid them by constantly moving.

Additionally, Sun Jian may draw the aggro away from you during the fight.

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Zhang Jiao has two Critical Blow attacks: a club slam and a lunge with his claws. Both of these attacks can be deflected or dodged. However, it's recommended to deflect the lunge attack at the last moment to trip him over, providing an opportunity to deal extra damage.

Zhang Jiao also performs typical claw swipes and sweeps, which deal less damage and can be jumped, deflected, or dodged. It might be worth taking some damage to keep attacking him and maintain pressure.

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