Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How To Get Tingle Armor Set

You're tired of the mushroom outfits? We'll tell you, where you can find Tingle's Armor Set in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

Tot K Tingle Armor
How to get this stylish armor you ask? We'll tell you. | © Nintendo/EarlyGame

If you've played Majora's Mask, you will remember Tingle, this little giggling mapmaker in a remarkable outfit. It's been a while since he made an appearance in the game himself, but Nintendo continues to reference him and lets you wear his outfit, as in Breath of the Wild. Sure, you may be lucky and just stumble across this incredibly stylish outfit, but if you really want it, take a look at our guide!

Where To Find Tingle's Armor Set

The complete set contains Tingle’s Shirt, Tingle’s Tights, and Tingle’s Hood. There are two ways to get them, as you could pick up three Misko's Treasure side quests to gather hints where the pieces are located or just jump straight to the locations, we'll reveal to you. The quest directly leading to the ones you need for Tingle's Armor Set is "Misko's Cave of Chests", located in Eldin Canyon.

Tingle's Hood - Misko's Treasure: Heroine Manuscript

To get Tingle's outfit, you'll not only have to go on a treasure hunt, you'll have to solve some riddles before you'll know where to go:

Statues of the eight heroines reside in the desert. Enter the valley carved into Hemaar’s Descent, and shine the light of day upon the towering eighth. The path to the treasure will open before you.

Reads the one which will lead you to Tingle's Hood. It's pretty obvious, that you'll need to go to the Statue of the Eighth Heroine, which you will find in the Gerudo Highlands. You could teleport to Otutsum Shrine or jump down from the Mayasiar Shrine, or – if you haven't visited one of them – use the Gerudo Highlands Skyview Tower to start your search.

If you've found the Statue of the Eighth Heroine, look for mirrors! You'll find a couple of them on the ground, and a little bit to the north you'll also find a chest with three mirrors in it. No grab one of the mirrors with Ultrahand, position yourself in the sunlight and direct the light beam at the sensor placed on the statue's chest. After you've dealt with the enemies in the cave, clear the sand out of the hut in its center. In there is the chest containing Tingle's Hood.

Tingle Armor Set Tot K
It clearly is a unique look! I'm wondering what Cece thinks of this... | © Nintendo/EarlyGame

Tingle's Shirt - Misko's Treasure: Twin Manuscript

In West Necluda stand twins poised to duel. Each contains a cavern that faces the other. Show the little twin’s sign to the big twin to open the door to my treasure.

Do you already know where to go? The twins, the riddle mentions, are the Dueling Peaks, located in West Necluda. Your closest fast travel point it the Popla Foothills Skyview Tower, and the caves you're looking for are found in the canyon between the peaks. They're pretty hard to spot, so stay focused. You should start with the Dueling Peaks North Cave, where you'll face a few Horriblins and even after finishing them, keep your eyes on the ceiling.

In the next chamber, there you'll find the sign mentioned in the riddle. If you don't rely on your memory, better take a picture of that, with your Camera feature. Now you have to visit the Dueling Peaks South Cave, defeat the Like Like and with the picture you've taken you'll have no problems in recreating the pattern. Once you've done this, you can head into the next room and gather Tingle's Shirt.

Tingle's Tights - Misko's Treasure: Pirate Manuscript

You'll find the following lines in your Adventure Log about the Pirate Manuscript.

A forgotten pirate cavern lurks at the foot of Cape Cales, overlooking the Necluda Sea. The short, shrill song of wind through lips will open the way to my treasure.

This one isn't as tricky or hidden as the other two. Your best way to go would be to drop from the Kumamayn Shrine and head to Cape Cales or, if you haven't unlocked the shrine yet, start from Rabella Wetlands Skyview Tower and heat south-east. You can easily spot the entrance to the Cape Cales Cliffside Cave and as soon as you're in it and saved yourself on the floating wood; whistle, to create the short, shrill song of wind through lips. As promised, this will open the way, and you can paddle your way to the pirate ship in the cave's center.

As soon as you've defeated the Stalkoblins search for the chest hidden behind the boxes (or simply smash all of them) to finally complete your Tingle's Armor Set with Tingle's Tights! While the set hasn't the best stats, with each piece providing an armor of +2, they were a treasure to Tingle, probably afterward a treasure to Misko and now are yours to keep. Kooloo-Limpah!

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