Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How To Use Your Shield As A Trampoline

You've used your shield as a skateboard in Tears of the Kingdom, but have you tried a trampoline yet? We'll show you how it works.

Tot K Spring Device
It's pretty easy to build yourself a trampoline in TOTK! | © Nintendo/EralyGame

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom not only offers a giant map to explore, whether it be the dizzy heights of the Sky Islands, the various landscapes of Hyrule or the gloomy darkness of the Depths – no, you also get an incredible amount of possibilities to solve problems with the Zonai Devices.

With them, you can upgrade your weapons, build your own vehicles (yes, skateboards as well) and generally do whatever you want to do. Or you can just have a little fun with them.

How To Use Your Shield As A Trampoline In TOTK

To use your shield as a trampoline, you first need a Zonai Spring Device. You can get these in exchange for Zonai Charges or Construct Horns at a Device Dispenser. Spring Devices are available at the Sihajog Shrine Device Dispenser, located in the Lanayru Great Spring Sky or at the Josiu Shrine Device Dispenser, which you can find inWest Necluda Sky.

Tot K spring device
You'll need one of these for a trampoline! And they can be useful too. | © Nintendo/EarlyGame

These Spring Devices can be attached to one another to increase their effect and of course can be attached to your shield. This results in your enemies bouncing off of it, which is pretty cool. But it's far more fun to shield surf with this!

Congratulations, now you have a trampoline! And again, the more spring devices you use, the higher the jump!

If you haven't visited the Morok Shrine yet, it would be a good idea to check it out. It will help you to get a better feeling for this kind of device and the possibilities it offers you. It's probably a good idea to always have a few of them with you, so you can easily reach higher areas.

Always good to know if you use Zonai Devices:

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