Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Trailer Leaves Fans Puzzled by Missing Character – What Happened?

The last Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer has left many fans puzzled. Although the trailer was incredibly epic and made everyone super hyped, one very important thing was missing... or rather someone.

Zelda totk yunoboro
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom trailer is missing Yunobo | © Nintendo

The latest trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom left us all in awe and got us in the perfect mood for the release. But one character, we were actually expecting to see was missing. It seems that one of the new generation champions, Yunobo, is gone. Although we got to see the Gerudo chief Riju, the new Zora king Sidon and even Tulin, our beloved Goron youngster is nowhere to be found.

Yunobo's disappearance has left fans wondering what role he will play in the upcoming game and if he will even make an appearance.

Zelda: TotK Trailer Is Missing Yunobo – Where Could He Be?

The young Goron Yunobo is missing from the latest trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. A surprise for all Zelda fans as we get to see Riju, Sidon, and Tulin, the descendants of the champions from Breath of the Wild, but not Yunobo. What happened to him? And what is Nintendo hiding from us?

In the trailer, we do see a Goron alongside Link and some villagers, but it doesn't seem to be a significant character. In another scene we get to see Riju, Sidon, and Tulin heading into battle. If we look closely, we can catch a glimpse of the Boulder Breaker. This weapon was wielded by the legendary Goron champion Daruk, passed down to his descendant, Yunobo, and was ultimately obtained by Link in Breath of the Wild.

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While Nintendo may have designed this scene to make us think Yunobo is there, the fact that we never really see his face leaves me skeptical. But who else could be wielding the Boulder Breaker? Perhaps it is Yunobo, who has undergone significant changes that Nintendo doesn't want to reveal just yet. Alternatively, it could be a new Goron character that Nintendo has yet to show us, or even Link himself, taking on this role. But all of this still doesn't give us an answer to our biggest concern... What happened to him?

Zelda totk ganondorf
What happened to Yunobo? | © Nintendo

What Happened To Yunobo?

If he doesn't appear in the trailer, will he even be in the game? Many fans are worried that Yunobo may suffer some unfortunate fate at the beginning of the game, and some even fear he may die. After all, we already know that Death Mountain is surrounded by Malice, and what if this is the work of Ganondorf, and the Gorons were attacked?

Brace yourselves, this detail will fuck you up... Everyone else of the champions has one of the Tears of the Kingdom. Sidon has a blue one, which represents water. Tulin has a green one and Riju an orange colored one. Logically, Yunobo should have a red one... But in the trailer we see quite clearly that Ganondorf is in possession of the red tear.

Could Yunobo have been killed? Of course, this would be a tragic turn of events, but Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has already announced that Tears of the Kingdom will be a darker game. So, this theory is not entirely implausible, right?

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