Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Travel Medallion - How To Unlock & Use It

The Travel Medallion lets you teleport anywhere in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But how do you get it?

Tot K Robbie
Of course you'll need Robbies help to upgrade your Purah Pad. | © Nintendo

Teleporting is incredibly useful in Tears of the Kingdom, considering the size of the map. And as in Breath of the Wild, you can fast-travel to shrines or get the Travel Medallion to set a single fast-travel waypoint wherever you like. This Medallion is incredibly useful, but first you need to unlock it. We'll show you how to do that.

Starting The Travel Medallion Quest

If you played Breath of the Wild, you'll for sure remember Robbie. He works at Lookout Landing and helped with the making of the Purah Pad, and he has some upgrades for it, like the Camera feature. However, he is busy assisting Josha exploring the Depths, so you will have to start the first Depths main quest and furthermore complete at least one of the Regional Phenomena main quests.

After you help with their research and have fixed the hot air balloon, Robbie is able to return to his lab in Hateno Village in eastern Necluda. His lab is a little walk from the village up a hill, but if you visit Robbie there, he's got something for you. He'll offer you three upgrades for your Purah Pad, theSensor+, Hero's Path Mode, and the Travel Medallion.

Tot K Akkala Lab
You'll have to travel to the Akkala Research Lab to get the Travel Medallion. | © Nintendo/EarlyGame

Getting the Prototype

If you want the Travel Medallion (and I guess you do), you'll have to visit his other research facility because that's where Robbie left the Travel Medallion Prototype. So if you haven't been to Akkala and simply can't teleport yourself to the Jochi-iu Shrine, you should head up north past Lanayru towards the East Akkala Stable.

As soon as you arrive at the tower of the research lab and try to open the door, you'll be confronted with two Yiga Assassins. After defeating them, you'll find a man inside, dressed in a stylish mushroom outfit. He introduces himself as Konba and the one who made the Yiga outfits and will give you one for yourself. But the thing you came here for in the first place is found in an inconspicuous stone chest.

Tot K Travel Medallion
This tool is incredibly useful for your adventures. | © Nintendo/EarlyGame

Upgrading the Travel Medallion

Luckily, Robbie has activated a fast travel spot in his lab, so you can return the prototype to him in an instant. As soon as you do so, he will integrate the Travel Medallion to your Purah Pad. From now on, you can select the medallion in your Key Items and place a blue, shimmering fast travel point on every stable terrain you'd like! You can use this spot the same way as any other fast travel point.

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Robbie also informs you, that the number of set travel points can be increased to three. To do so, you'll have to gather map data points. 10 of them for the second travel point, and 15 for the third. You get map data every time you activate a Skyview Tower and as soon as you got the points you can return to Robbie for the upgrade.

Now that you've got three travel points to set for yourself, where will you place them?

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