Genshin Impact: We May Say Goodbye To Repetitive Daily Login Quests Soon

Genshin Impact's Daily Mission system has been the same for almost 3 years now, it's getting repetitive. A leaker revealed that HoYoverse might have a plan already to help with this to make the game mechanic feel less like a chore.

Genshin Dailies
We Could Get A Huge Change With Our Daily Missions │ @HoYoverse

Genshin's Daily Missions' system is something that hasn't changed a lot since the beginning of the game. Of course, we got new ones with every new region, but still most of us got used to doing the same few missions that it is almost frustrating.

Genshin Impact: Will The Daily Mission System Change?

A recent leak by Twitter user @HoyoverseJapan suggests that daily missions will work similar to Honkai Star Rail Daily Missions. They won't be replaced per se, but instead will give you the option of one extra mission, so you can choose to leave away one daily you don't want to do. The completion time should stay the same –but we'll get a lot more freedom.

The leaker guesses that the change will already arrive in 4.1! If this is true, we will be getting this new feature in less than a month. Fans in the comments of the post are really excited to finally skip the Ella Musk commission (where, let's be honest, most of us stopped trying to be diplomatic after the third or fourth time) and all the balloon escort missions.

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