LoL: Small April Fool's Event Finally Gave Fans What They Wanted From Riot

League of Legends fans have been complaining about the lack of non-competitive content from Riot for a while. But the recent April Fool's event really cemented just how many players want non-competitive in League of Legends.

Definitely not velkoz
LoL: Hats everywhere! | © Riot Games

League of Legends players are sick and tired of the same game modes over and over. They've expressed their desire for more fun and engaging content for the last few years, with events feeling more like a grind, than anything special.

Thankfully, Riot has finally put enough people on the game modes team and event team to try and bring something new to Summoner's Rift once more. And this April Fool's event, though small, did give players some of the event feels they've been longing for.

LoL April Fools Event Liked By Fans

April Fools' jokes were posted all over on Saturday, April 1, 2023. Some poor souls were even fooled by them, like our own GTA lover here at EarlyGame. But Riot had announced that on April Fools they would do something special for fans, by bringing some wackiness to Summoner's Rift that's been missing for a while now.

On April 1st, those who played either Blind Pick or Draft Pick Normal games were in for a surprise, with hats all over the place, new hexgates in places we never even imagined them, as well as stampede's of Poro's. Overall, it didn't change the game of League too much, but it did make things a little weird and a little silly, something LoL players have been asking for.

It wasn't a huge new game mode, with a new map or anything, but it was something different and that is what League of Legends players have wanted for a while. After the mini-event was over, Riot Yasuna, producers on the Summoner’s Rift Team, went to Reddit to gather players thoughts on the event.

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The response on Reddit seemed rather positive, with players wanting Riot to bring the hats back soon. Though, there were some issues like FPS drops, something Riot Yasuna acknowledged.

Some fans also hope that some form of commemorative emote could be made available for anyone who played, something that Riot Yasuna did state could be in the works, with a commemorative emote on its way.

Unfortunately, the team couldn't go even more wacky with the game mode, since they didn't want to impede on anyone's game who usually plays Normals. Therefore, Riot had to keep some of the weird things in check, so those players weren't bothered too much.

But this event showed that even a small gesture like this can go a long way and it has shown that there should be more small fun events like this. Players at least hope so.

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