LoL B-Patch 11.24 All Buffs and Nerfs [Update]

Let's check out the B-Patch 11.24. What changes is Riot making before the new year and Patch 12.01?
Star Guardian Lux skin
What can we expect from this B-Patch? | © Riot Games

So, you thought you were free from all this patching and the changes coming to League of Legends? You finally found your soulmate champion in Lux and can’t wait to one-shot everyone by the time she hits level 11 – hell, she does it even before that.

Sorry to disappoint all you Lux and Vayne mains. Your baes' are going to be nerfed in this b-patch, but that isn’t all. Let’s go over every buff and nerf that will hit the rift in this b-patch.

Champion Nerfs in LoL B-Patch 11.24

We’ve just mentioned the pair that will be getting nerfed in this b-patch, but they’re joined by a few more champions. Dr. Mundo has become a menace in the top lane and needs to be stopped. Other outliers will also need to be reeled in before 2022 hits the rift.

  • Dr. Mundo - HP regen changed from 8 to 6.5 and W min damage changed to 80-280
  • Lux - Q cooldown is now 11 at all ranks and base damage lowered to 80-240
  • Vayne - Ultimate bonus attack damage lowered to 25/40/55
  • Kassadin - Passive magic damage reduction lowered to 10%. W bonus damage lowered to 50-150
  • Talon (Jungle) - W Monster Mod changed to 130%

Champion Buffs in LoL B-Patch 11.24

While Lux has been the queen of the rift, Gwen’s fallen into a pit of despair, landing herself a miserable 45% win rate. Olaf and Varus are also part of the ‘unpopular champion’ gang, aka the champions with some of the lowest play rates on the rift. Will these buffs help them gain a bit of popularity?

  • Gwen - Base Health increased from 550 to 590
  • Varus - Passive AS duration changed from 5s flat to 5/7/8/11. W on-hit increased to 7/9/11/13/15(+30% AP) and W stack damage ratio increased to (+2.5% per 100 AP) target's max HP
  • Olaf - Passive max attack speed increased to 100%
  • Kai’Sa - Passive on-hit damage changed to 4-16 (+1-8)(+15-25% AP). Q damage ration increased to 50% bonus AD and W evolved cooldown ratio increased to 77%.
  • Pyke - Passive ally regen 40% and Q damage increased.

System Buffs and Nerfs in LoL B-Patch 11.24

As we predicted in our First Strike video, the keystone is a bit overtuned in current play. My best friend has been enjoying his Vel’Koz support with First Strike for the last few weeks, and it might sound like complete cheese, but somehow it worked – my friend likes to think the nerf is because of his stellar Vel’Koz play, but I haven’t had the guts to tell him otherwise yet.

  • Glacial Augment - Heal and Shield Ratio 9% (per 10% heal and shield power)
  • First Strike - Damage bonus lowered to 9%

When Will the B-Patch Be Released?

The b-patch should hit the rift on December 15, 2021. So if you’re desperate for some more Lux snipes, then make sure you log on before then, so you can continuously ult anyone who gets snared by you.