The Best League of Legends Analytics Platforms

There are multiple websites where you can check stats of champions in the current meta. With so many different websites, though, which one should you pick?
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League of Legends is a pretty complex game with over 155 champions and a multitude of items and runes. How are you able to keep an eye on every single one of them. You'll likely miss some buffs and nerfs here and there, so it's important to know where to get your information from.

There are multiple League of Legends analytics websites with information on champions, their play rates and whether they're even worth playing at the moment. So to help you make the right choice, we've listed the five best League of Legends analytics websites.

Which Sites Have the Best League of Legends Analytics Dashboard?


The first site we want to introduce you to is none other than Not only can you get information on League of Legends with Blitz, but you can also use it for a multitude of other games like Fortnite, Legends of Runeterra and TFT. So if you want a multipurpose analytical tool, Blitz is the site for you.

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You thought this was all you could get with Blitz, right? Well then, you were wrong, because Blitz also offers you a desktop app which will let you know in-game which items to build for success. You can also have your runes imported right away if you aren't sure what runes work on the champion you're playing.


Another popular website to check champion stats is Like Blitz, also offers a desktop app which will let you know about your teammates and the champion you're playing. You will get information off their site to truly be able to carry any game.

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The cool part about is that pro players have helped improve the site. For example, Doublelift signed a deal back in 2018 for him to provide insight and knowledge to make it one of the best stat sharing sites on the web. The partnership has succeeded, since it's one of the most used sites for League of Legends content.


Mobalytics is one of the most well-known stat websites for League of Legends and TFT. Players flock here not only for the information on champion stats, win rates and tier lists, but also for the written guides which can help prepare beginners for their time on the rift.

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Mobalytics has everything you need in one spot, with champion tier lists, ranks and builds. Mobalytics also has a great YouTube channel on which players are able to get information on each patch and the best champions, for both high elo and low elo players. Oh, and did we mention you can also get a desktop app for your games? Seems to be the trend, eh?

2. EarlyGame

Now we come to our own dashboard. Yes, EarlyGame has a dashboard that has all the information you'll want and need to play a great game of League of Legends. This analytical dashboard has everything you need. The best builds, the best champions... just the best everything. We're tooting our own horn a little here, but the EarlyGame dashboard has tremendous amounts of information at your fingertips... or rather at the tip of your mouse.

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With our own personalized analytics dashboard for League of Legends, you'll be able to quickly find the champions you need information on and everything you need to know about them. It's a great tool for all of your League of Legends needs and is directly connected to the EarlyGame website, so if you're curious about a champion, then you can access every article we've written about them through the dashboard as well.

So, not only will you get important in-game information, but also information on patches, news and — most importantly — find out about champion skins. The EarlyGame dashboard is evolving and will be better within the coming months, with specific tips and tricks to each champion added, as well as other key information you'll need when trying out someone new in League of Legends. Interested yet? Just click on the banner above and test it out yourself!


The final analytics dashboard that is definitely at the top when it comes to League of Legends analytical dashboards — come on guys, it even beats our very own EarlyGame dashboard — is none other than Who hasn't checked to see how well you've been playing, or even your worst enemy? Not only that, but has great builds and tier lists for all your needs.

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Like many of the previous entries, also has a desktop app to help you when in the game. Don't know your champions runes? Don't worry, has got your back. You might not get the same amount of knowledge surrounding League and just direct stats, but it's very accurate and a well-trusted source for League of Legends fans and users.

What is a League of Legends Analytics Platform?

These platforms take information about League of Legends games, champions and elos and combines those into a dashboard which can help players understand which champions to play and how to play them. By analyzing champions stats, the tools will generate the perfect pre- and in-game statistics players will need.

By combining your skill with these tools, players will be able to get better and learn as they play more games. Getting data from Riot is key to be able to make a dataset with which the dashboards get created.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into our EarlyGame dashboard and explore your favorite champions!