League of Legends: Bjergsen Might Leave the LCS

Bjergsen is one of the most decorated players from North America. He has won multiple titles, schooled everyone and anyone, but just hasn't seen success in international play. So will a change of location make it work?

Bjergsen 2020
Which jersey will he don in 2023? | © Riot Games

Søren "Bjergsen" Bjerg is the face of the LCS. Even when he retired fans were still talking about him and his return to the stage in 2022 got everyone hyped. But, the Team Liquid Superteam did not perform as many had hoped and have left many wondering what the org should do next.

Well, it seems like there are offers on the table for the veteran mid laner, both in the LCS and even overseas in Europe. Will Bjergsen be playing in the LEC come 2023 or is this just a big rumour that we can forget about in a week or two?

Sources: Bjergsen Out of Team Liquid

Now all we have to go on for now is the tweet LEC Wooloo who has reported on multiple player transfers before. They tweeted out that Bjergsen is out of Team Liquid and now considered a free agent, which means anyone can offer him a contract.

Bjergsen seems to be looking for opportunities in either the LCS or LEC. He is Danish, so going back to the LEC would mean that Bjergsen would be closer to his home country after years spent in Los Angeles and North America. Would his play style fit into the LEC though?

Throughout the 2022 LCS season Team Liquid was considered the 'LEC team' of the LCS with Hans Sama, Bwipo, Bjergsen and Santorin on the roster, all of them European natives.

Earlier this fall Hans Sama, who had been the ADC for Team Liquid announced his departure from the team, so we could see Bjergsen and Hans Sama meet once more across the pond on an LEC team for the 2023 season. Team Heretics did just get a slot for Misfits and it is still unsure whether they'll take the same squad from the 2022 season or build a whole new team.

The off-season will officially begin in November 2022 so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for free agents and everything else surrounding player transfers once the 2022 League of Legends World Championship finishes on November 5, 2022.