Is Doublelift Returning to Pro Play?

Will the star ADC of the LCS make a comeback in 2022? Will we see him don a jersey once again and at the World Championship?
Doublelift LCS TL
Will we see him in an LCS jersey again? | © Riot Games

The 2021 League of Legends off-season seems to be heating up. Bjergsen is leaving TSM after 8 long years. Perkz is returning to Europe – maybe Vitality – and there have been rumors surrounding LPL all-star Uzi wanting to come back to play as well.

Now there is another well-known name thrown into the mix of potential LCS players returning to pro play – Doublelift.

Yes, the famous ADC from NA, the trash-talking god himself, might be returning to the pro scene, but how true are these rumors?

Is Doublelift Returning to the LCS?

YouTuber and content creator surrounding the LCS and anything League of Legends, Travis Gafford, tweeted out that Doublelift is looking to return to pro play. This information comes from unnamed sources apparently.

The content creator is close friends with Doublelift, so the info could come straight form the source personally though. At the same time, this could also just be him trolling with fans.

What Would Need to Happen for Doublelift to Return?

In the tweet, Gafford explains that there are a few pieces that need to fall into place for the famous ADC to come back to the pro scene. He stated that Doublelift would have to find the right roster – the support player being the most important thing for Doublelift.

Gafford does say that it seems like the ‘stars will have to align’ for Bjergsen and Doublelift will return after retiring in 2020.

What other Roster rumors are afloat?

According to a video by Travis Gafford, Team Liquid is looking to pick up Bjergsen, Hanssama and Bwipo. This would happen in wake of support player CoreJJ getting his green card, so much is still in the air surrounding this roster move as well.

Nuguri, the 2020 top laner for DAMWON Gaming and 2021 top laner of FunPlus Phoenix is looking to come back to the LCK. Many fans believe he will either rejoin his old squad after the 2021 World Championship or find a home with T1 after Canna’s iffy performance throughout the summer and spring split.

LEC Wooloo also tweeted out that Perkz, Carzzy and Alphari will complete a Vitality super team. Whether this is true is also not yet known, but one thing is for sure, whether you’re an LCS, LCK, LPL or LEC fan – a lot of changes are afoot.

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