Riot Implements New Event Pass Progression System

Riot has decided to change the event battle pass system and how you earn points. What exactly is new, and when will it all go live?
Leona Debonair 2 0
A queen. | © Riot Games

So, you ended up playing a 45-minute game and ended up going 30/5/17? You want to be rewarded for all that effort after having purchased the battle pass for the most recent event, but all you get is a measly 5 points?

Well, that’s about to change. Riot is implementing a new progression system – already with the new Debonair 2.0 skin event even – wherein they are trying to reward a player’s effort rather than just reward a player for playing a quick game.

How Will Event Points Be Given Out?

With the changed system, Riot will give out event points judged by the minute played. So this means that if you were in a longer game, you’ll also receive more points. Wins will give players 6 points per minute played, while losses give you 4 points per minute played.

This means that if you managed to win a 30-minute match, you’ll be heavily rewarded for your effort in comparison to before, wherein players gained a set amount of points no matter how long the game was.

What Missions Will Players Have to Complete?

Some missions won’t be changed. In the Gameplay Thoughts post, Riot Rovient stated that missions like ‘kill 600 minions’ will continue to be a part of the updated event missions. But as of December 9, 2021, when the Debonair 2.0 event pass will go live, the gameplay missions will change.

  • Weekly Wins Missions: Earn 40 points, Win = 5 points | Loss = 2 points —> Earn 1650 points from playing and winning games. Earn 4 points per minute played, or 6 points per minute played if you win (Rewards 250 Tokens)
  • Orb Missions: Play 30 games —> Earn 4500 points (Rewards 1 Event Orb + 40 Tokens)
  • Token Bank Missions: Play a game (Rewards 2-10 Tokens, depending on game mode and win/loss) —> Earn 400 points (Rewards 20 Tokens)
Debonair 2 0 Brand skin
Time to get those event points. | © Riot Games

Which Game Modes Count Towards Missions?

TFT Hyper Roll and any other TFT mode will also count towards the event pass, though only at a 50% reduced rate. Playing against bots will let players earn a third of the event points, while ARAM and any special game mode counts just like a normal or ranked League of Legends match.

Game Modes

Points/Min. PlayedPoints/Min. Played (Wins)
Summoner's Rift, PvP4 points6 points
ARAM4 points6 points
Event Game Modes4 points6 points
All TFT Modes2 points (5th-8th place)3 points (1st-4th place)
Summoner's Rift, Co-op vs. AI1 point2 points

Teamfight Tactics has its own event pass for each set, which is why Riot is only giving out half the points for the game mode. Of course, they want to make the most sales and therefore want you to spend some cash money on the TFT pass as well as the League of Legends event pass, right? Business mindset, guys.

Why The Event Pass Changes?

Often the amount of rewards given out just didn’t feel like they were worth it. You’d play a game and earn a minimal amount of points while winning a quick ARAM gave you the same amount of points. Therefore, the changes were made to incentivize players better.

Also, some game missions merely incentivized players to play the shortest game mode like ARAM or TFT to earn points, something Riot wanted to get away from as well, so that players wouldn’t have to sacrifice their time playing ranked merely for missions.

This whole change was meant to make events a “League-focused experience where you get rewarded for playing the games you already love”. What do you think? Did Riot do a good job for the upcoming event or would you rather keep the battle pass the way it was so far?